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Hi everyone and welcome to the Beespoke Buzz!Come along with me, Rebecca Russell, owner of BeespokeVintage, as I chronicle my journey as a vintage seamstress, small business owner and mother of four who's not afraid to k

Meet the Missus Behind the Business

Season 1, Ep. 1
Today’s podcast is my very first podcast and I’m super excited to introduce myself and to give you a little preview of the format for my upcoming shows. Why don’t we jump right in! I learned a lot making this first podcast:Don't overuse the auto "fix" options in the audio software. It created a lot of little weird mechanical blips and beeps in some of the tracks.The volume and speed are all over the place. Hahahah. Not sure why but I will work on that next time.I sound like I am reading a script in a lot of places - I will also work on that.I took a lot of the pauses out . . . but after listening I think they should have been there - what do you think? I feel like it sounds like I'm not even breathing? Give me your feedback, PLEASE.Work Completed in September: 1930s nightgown pattern by Eva Dress for Helen Bush of The DecoMinimalist2 custom-made 1930s French Couture Dresses - self-drafted from Fashion Plates (photos coming soon to my website)1930s Beach Pajamas (for myself) - pattern from Slow Made in Germany1930s Blue Polka Dot Dress - pattern by Lady MarloweLate 1940s Evening Dress with Fabulous Peplums for the amazing Lark Bahar  (photos coming soon to my website) Up-Coming Events: Avalon Ball in May 2023Links throughout the Podcast:Photo of me in blue dress I made AFTER the red and white fiasco - this is the dress I was wearing when I met Juanita LieschJuanita Liesich – Who Wore What Janet Arnold - Patterns of Fashion