The Beesotted Brentford Pride of West London Podcast


Bees Are Never Blowing Bubbles - Brentford v West Ham Preview Podcast

Ep. 959

The Beesotted crew are back from a long weekend in Liverpool where they saw Brentford go down 1-0 to a revived Liverpool side with both eyes on the Champions League

In this edition of the Beesotted Pride Of West London Podcast we discuss: 

🙌🏻 The Championship final day promotion excitement - do we miss it?

🕊Liverpool Match Review

⚽️Whether Brentford’s style of football in the Premier League has affected the enjoyment of watching Brentford play compared to when they were in The Championship

🎶JB with more facts and funk

⚒ Andy Payne (@PercyBlakeney63) gives the lowdown on West Ham

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