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The Beauty in the Mess

Ep. 14 Living An Extraordinary Life with Terry Tucker

Season 1, Ep. 14

This episode is about living an uncommon and an extraordinary life with Terry Tucker. Maybe you can relate to this? Have you ever asked yourself if there is more to life than this? Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? And maybe even more importantly, have you ever thought, I can’t handle much more? If you have pondered these questions, and even if you haven’t, you should listen to the experiences that Terry has encountered, and the knowledge and wisdom he has to share. Terry is not only living an uncommon and extraordinary life, but he is doing it even though he has been battling cancer for the last 10 years and still is by the way. He has some advice and wisdom for all of us, that I personally feel we should all try to pay attention to and learn from.

You’ll hear him say during the podcast that he doesn’t have a big red S painted on his chest, but I think he secretly may. I have never met someone who is going through so much, and enduring so much pain, and yet, he still wants to help others daily. What an aspirational human being he is!

In This Episode:

·       Learn To Do Uncomfortable Things (10:54)

·     Have You Found Your Purpose In Life? (11:58)

·       Ever Wondered What Your True Breaking Point is? (17:22)

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  • 43. Ep. 43 The Power of Communication with Dr. Heather Browne

    *This episode has some sexually explicit content and is not intended for children to listen to.* For this episode, I am very excited to welcome Dr. Heather Browne to the show. Dr. Browne is a widow who grew up with a paranoid schizophrenic mother who ended up taking her own life while Dr. Browne was still very young. She was able to learn from her mom that none of us share the same reality even though we believe we do. This has allowed her to transform communication within self and within all other types of relationships. She feels this is the key to acceptance. Dr. Browne has a doctorate in psychology and is an active psychotherapist for couples. She is published in hundreds of journals. She has been featured on TV and published in many magazines as well. She has two books in the final stages of pre-publication and she just did her first Ted Talk on September 23rd of this year. Connect with Sam Mitchell:Website Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 42. Ep. 42 Rocking Autism with Sam Mitchell

    Sam Mitchell joins me today. Sam was diagnosed at the age of 4 with high-functioning Autism. Sam wants people to know that he is not broken, and he doesn’t need to be fixed. He also wants people to know that there is no normal in this world. He embraces who he is and wants the same for everyone else. Period. Sam is a successful podcaster, an advocate for Autism, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger. He has even published a Ted Talk. He has made it to the top 10 in the People's Choice Podcast Awards, placed second in the state of Indiana for the JAG Entrepreneurship project, was selected as the best business at the CEO trade show in Indiana, and he is in the top 200 podcasts in all of Canada. Connect with Sam Mitchell:WebsitePodcast: Autism Rocks and Rolls Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 41. Ep. 41 All You Need Is Gratitude with Bracha Goetz

    Bracha’s passion is helping people find gratitude in life and for life.  She feels that gratitude is what our souls long for. Gratitude is the key to happiness. You just have to choose to be grateful. You can retrain your mindset to focus on gratitude rather than all of the crazy things in life. She is a powerful advocate for seeking gratitude in your life. Bracha has also overcome a food addiction in her life and now wishes to help others find gratitude and thus happiness.Bracha Goetz is a wellness expert and the Harvard-educated author of 41 books that help children's souls shine. She is also the author of a candid memoir about overcoming food addictions joyfully and spiritually called Nourish the Soul. Her books can be found in libraries, on Amazon, and on her website, Connect with Bracha Goetz:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookFacebook (2)InstagramTwitterPinterestYouTube Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 40. Ep. 40 Blood Sugar Affects More Than Diabetes with Dr. Ben Galyardt

    If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, Diabetes, or anything for that matter, you need to tune in and listen to what Dr. Ben Galyardt has to say. I am excited to welcome Dr. Ben to The Beauty In the Mess. Dr. Ben’s mission is to provide hope to people with medical conditions, especially autoimmune conditions. His mom and his wife have been cured of MS and ITP, respectively, and he wants others to know that miracles are possible for them as well. He wants to restore hope for a better outcome. Dr. Ben is now helping thousands of people himself. Dr. Ben Galyardt, D.C. is the Founder and CEO of F8 WellCenters and The Galyardt Method. He is also a world-recognized speaker in Neurofeedback and Brain Regeneration. After successfully treating thousands of patients in his Colorado office, he brought his Galyardt Method to other parts of the country by opening satellite offices. He now leads and teaches his Galyardt Method to all of our new doctors across the country while also working one on one with patients. Dr. Ben was hooked on learning more about Functional Medicine which incorporates the latest in genetic science, and systems biology, as well as an understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of the disease. He has spent the rest of his life learning these methods from top-name doctors nationwide. Before it was even called Functional Medicine, he was an expert in Functional Medicine. He has a long list of certifications, degrees, and training. He is the author of Blood Sugar Doesn’t Lie and Rebuild Your Brain: Stop the Damage and Start The Repair. Dr. Galyardt’s Board Certifications, Degrees and Training include:Board Certified in Integrative MedicineCertified Neurofeedback PractitionerInternational College Applied Kinesiology (AK)Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) CertificationTrigenics PractitionerCertified by the American Functional Institute in Functional NeurologyAdvanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT)Autonomic Response Testing (ART) by Dr. Dietrich KlinghardtBachelors from Syracuse University in Health and Exercise ScienceGraduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TexasCEO and Founder of F8 Well Centers in Fort Collins Colorado and Tennessee  Connect with Dr. Ben Galyardt:F8 Well CentersBlood Sugar Doesn't Lie-AmazonTikTok Dr. Ben Galyardt Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 39. Ep. 39 Understanding Grief with Emily Thiroux Threatt

    I am happy to welcome Emily Thiroux Threatt to The Beauty In the Mess. Emily’s passion is helping people work through grief. You may never get over it, but you can work through it, and even be happy again. Having gone through the experience of the deaths of so many loved ones, Emily has learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy. She has kept journals and written to express herself most of her life which led her to a career of teaching writing and writing books. She naturally turned to writing to help deal with her grief, then she discovered she could use writing to help others deal with grief, too. To share her message, she hosts the Grief and Happiness podcast, she wrote the books The Grief and Happiness Handbook and Loving and Living Your Way Though Grief. She facilitates weekly meetings of the Grief and Happiness Alliance, she founded the Grief and Happiness nonprofit foundation, and she publishes a weekly newsletter and blog. She also created The Grief and Happiness Cards: Gentle Support for Dealing with Grief and Finding Happiness. Connect with Emily Thiroux Threatt:The Grief and Happiness GuideLoving & Living Your Way Through GriefLoving & Living Your Way Through Grief Podcast Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 38. Ep. 38 Exploring Gambling Addiction & Recovery with Bobbie Malatesta

    I am excited to welcome Bobbie Malatesta to The Beauty In the Mess. Bobbie is on a mission to change the way people do social gambling addiction recovery. Bobbie talks about overcoming adversity, alcoholism, loss, and gambling addiction recovery. Her vision is to create a chain of Recovery Playgrounds. They will provide entertainment, amusement park styles where there is no gambling, drinking, drugs, or children allowed. She wants to encourage adults to play again and help remove the stigma around addiction. She also strives to bring awareness to how few gambling addiction recovery centers there are around the US, how needed they are, and how they should be free to the gambling addicts. Bobbie was an active gambling addict for over 30 years and has been in recovery over 7 years now. She is a podcaster and a best selling author. Her podcasts are the 3-21 No Kidding Gambling Addiction Podcast and The Recovering Entrepreneur Podcast. Her book that she co-authored is called Belonging. She most recently earned her certificate in NonProfit Management/ Social Entrepreneur. Her formal education earned her a degree in Business & Technology Management. Bobbie currently resides in Naugatuck CT, when she is not working remotely from around the world. Connect with Bobbie Malatesta:FacebookLinkedInInstagramLink TreeBook: “BELONGING” Secrets to Soothe the Soul TikTokYouTubeTwitterWebsitePodcast·        Clubhouse @bobbieawesome Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 37. Ep. 37 Achieving Fitzness with Fitz Koehler

    I am excited to welcome Fitz Koehler to The Beauty In the Mess. Fitz is on a mission to help people become fit before they hear a horrible diagnosis or something bad happens. She speaks about the 4 pillars of fitness, proficiency, strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance that people need to become truly fit as well as many other topics. As Fitz says, if you can’t do five pushups, but you can run a marathon, that doesn’t mean you are fit. Fitness not only affects your body, but your brain as well so it is extremely important. Join us as we talk about all things fitness. In her own words, Fitz is noisy, bossy, and compelling. In 2019, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her healthy and athletic body was brutalized by 15 months of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries. Instead of slowing down, she turned up the volume on her career. As a cancer crusher, she written books called my Noisy Cancer Comeback, Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong, and a Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal. Fitz is a busy keynote speaker, a professional race announcer, and, of course, a prominent fitness expert. Her company, Fitzness International, that she created from her passion to help others become fit, has a global reach, and she’s conquered every avenue of mass media to help people live better and longer. She has a master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences and decades of experience teaching fitness worldwide. She also has a popular podcast called the Fitzness Show, among many other things. In her free time, Fitz enjoys water sports, strength training, obstacle course races, animals, hugs, sarcasm, getting muddy in her Jeep Wrangler, and traveling. She lives in Gainesville, Florida. Connect with Fitz Koehler:FacebookLinkedInInstagramInstagram (2)WebsiteTikTokYouTubeBlog Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 36. Ep. 36 Navigating Behavioral Change with Rita Tattersall

    Today, I’m happy to welcome Rita Tattersall back to The Beauty In the Mess. Rita was my first guest on The Beauty In The Mess. If you want to hear Rita’s personal story, please refer back to episode 3. Rita’s journey is unique: she struggled with substance use disorder and now uses her experience to help others who are facing the same problems she faced. She also counsels couples and helps people find and live their God-given purpose. We focus on behavioral change and the additional ingredients necessary for long term change as well. We also talk about how change doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing, and sometimes the worst thing you can do is to have a scarcity mindset. Learn to add new things to your life and not focus on what you are trying to remove from your life. Rita is a licensed addiction and mental health counselor who is also trained as an EMDR therapist. She has a master’s degree in clinical addictions. She is a Christian who believes in the power of prayer, scripture, and worship and incorporates them all in her practice. Connect with Rita Tattersall:FacebookLinkedInInstagram Useful Resources:Signal for Help MinistriesThe Oasis Counseling CenterChuck McCoskey’s Recovery MinistryCarmen Larson Doing Trapoga Yoga with The Kokomo Post Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast InstagramWebsite
  • 35. Ep. 35 When You Find Out Rock Bottom Has a Basement with Kevin Palmieri

    In this episode Kevin Palmieri shares his knowledge and wisdom concerning overcoming depression, failures, and even suicidal ideation. So at this time I want to give a Trigger Warning because In this episode, we will briefly touch on suicide and/or suicidal thoughts during this discussion. If this may trigger extreme emotional distress for you, you should skip today’s episode. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately, which is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255. Kevin talks about how in his 20’s, he had the perfect life from the outside. He had a beautiful girlfriend who was a model, a high paying job, a sports car, the best body he had had in his life, and yet he found himself sitting on the side of the bed contemplating suicide. As he says, some people find rock bottom. He found out that rock bottom has a basement. After talking to a caring friend, he had a pivotal moment in his life, and he turned it all around. He decided to pursue fulfilment, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship. He was determined to overcome his anxiety, depression and to finally live the life he’d always dreamed of. Years later, he now hosts a podcast that impacts hundreds of thousands of people in countries all over the world. He focused on learning what he didn't know (unlearning a lot too), and his life started to shift, and he is on a mission to help others shift their lives as well. Join me for Episode 35 of The Beauty in the Mess called; When You Find Out Rock Bottom Has a Basement with Kevin Palmieri. Kevin is the CFO, Founder & Co-Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast with more than 1,100 episodes and 650K+ listens in over 125 countries. He has also given hundreds of speeches, trainings and coaching calls with people all over the world. He loves talking about Consistency, Commitment, Habits, Mindset, Confidence, Fear, Relationships, Limiting Beliefs and everything in between, and he is ready to help you get to the next level too.Connect with Kevin Palmieri:·       LinkedIn:·       Website:·       Facebook:·       Instagram:  Let's Connect!Facebook: The Beauty in the Mess podcast Instagram: Beauty in The Mess Website