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  • 5. The Experience

    Ian and Neill Briggs discuss how driving will always exist as a sport, despite autonomy playing a big part in the future of the industry. The BAC co-founders outline which attributes from other cars make up their dream machine, while Mono Owners Club Chairman Alex Gnauck talks about his favourite, most extreme driving experience in the Mono supercar.

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  • 4. The Performance

    Neill and Ian Briggs outline what it feels like to get behind the wheel of the BAC Mono and Mono R supercars, with a little help from British racing driver Oliver Webb. A former test driver for BAC, Webb has seen it all with the company and broken a whole host of lap records at famous circuits around the globe - here he picks his favourite moments of them all.
  • 3. The Design

    Neill and Ian Briggs journey back to when the BAC Mono was nothing more than an idea in their brains, documenting how they went about creating one of the most timeless automotive designs of all time. BAC Senior Designers and first-ever BAC employees Guy Harvey and Murray Adams join the podcast to talk about moving Mono from a sketch to a clay model and on to the real thing.
  • 2. The Reception

    Following the launch of the BAC Mono in Stuttgart, founders Neill and Ian Briggs race to get the supercar fully functioning and ready to tackle events and media drives around the world. We journey behind the scenes of the Verva Street Race in Poland and Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, as Ian puts Mono through its paces for the first time competitively. This month's unexpected guest is former racing driver turned renowned journalist, Steve Sutcliffe - one of the first members of the media to get behind the wheel of Mono - while Neill and Ian also reveal all on the legendary review by Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig on Top Gear.
  • 1. The Anniversary

    BAC Co-Founders Ian and Neill Briggs celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the BAC Mono, looking back to 2011 when they first pulled the covers off the car in Stuttgart. The first episode's unexpected guest helps the boys journey back to where it all began, as they discuss the foundations that formed the single-seater supercar dream - including their consultancy projects for Porsche, Ford, Bentley and Lufthansa.