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The Baby Whisperer

Crying and settling techniques

Season 1, Ep. 2

It's the million dollar question... why is my baby crying? And how do I get them to stop? Child and Family Health Nurse Judy Tripodi from Tresillion Family Centre shares her best tips and advice on how to soothe your baby, how much crying is normal, and when you should worry your baby is crying too much.

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  • 6. Dealing with sleep regression... and why it's an exciting signal for your bub's development

    Just when your baby was sleeping through the night, suddenly they're awake and seemingly ready to party. Child and Family Health Nurse Judy Tripodi from Tresillion Family Centres explains why your baby's sleep pattern is suddenly disrupted - there's an exciting reason why! - and how you can get their sleeping habits back on track.
  • 5. 4 months and up: how to establish a sleep routine after 4 months

    Child and Family Health Nurse and Tressillian expert Judy Tripodi explains how to establish a sleep routine for babies over four-months, plus gives advice on how to help your baby self-soothe. Plus, we also reveal how many naps your baby needs, and how to deal with the dreaded cat napper, and early riser.
  • 4. Tackling post natal depression and how to spot the signs

    While it's natural that your focus is on your new baby, as the saying goes you can't pour from an empty cup. Child and Family health nurse Judy Tripodi from Tresillian Family Centres talks about the importance of looking after mum, the signs of post natal depression, and where to go to get help.
  • 3. Safe Sleeping and tackling tummy time

    Babies spent a lot of time asleep (if you're lucky), so naturally we want to keep them safe. This episode child and family health nurse Judy Tripodi explains everything you need to know about reducing the risk factors for SIDS, why tummy time is so important, and what you need to know about decorating your baby's nursery.
  • 1. Newborn sleep and establishing sleep patterns

    It's the one topic that new parents worry about most: Sleep! Is my baby getting enough? How to get them to sleep. Baby Whisperer talks with Child and Family Health Nurse and Tresillion expert Judy Tripodi for her best tips and advice on how to get your newborn baby to sleep.
  • Introducing The Baby Whisperer

    Bringing your new baby home is exciting, but it's also nerve-wracking. There are so many questions - Why aren't they sleeping? Why are they crying? What am I doing? Practical Parenting's Baby Whisperer podcast helps answer some of those questions. Each episode, host Erin Craven is joined by a parenting/baby expert to help talk through some of the most common questions new parents ask, and to give sound and practical advice on sleep, settling, baby milestones and more.