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Pat Kinevane

Pat Kinevane is bringing KING to Cork Arts Theatre from Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th June

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  • Haunted by Silence

    A sound installation that invites you to sit, be still, listen and let your imagination take over, as Danny McCarthy's work in the Lavit Gallery runs for its final week. Conor Tallon joined him in the gallery to learn about it.
  • Fiona Kennedy We Will Dance

    A stunning summer song from Cork's Fiona Kennedy, inspired by a moment in time, when Mary Elmes, who was saving Spanish children during WW2, encountered a group of gypsies who were also fleeing persecution. They sang and danced for Mary and the children, as Fiona told Elmarie. For the full single go to Bandcamp, or wherever you stream and buy your tracks.
  • Fleetwood Mac by Candlelight

    With 2 Cork stars on the rise returning home to sing in City Hall, Elmarie spoke to Luke Hogan about a huge Fleetwood Mac show in City Hall this week!
  • West Cork Fit-Up Festival Week 2

    An original play with the backdrop of the last of Ireland's sugar factories! Elmarie spoke to Director Geoff Gould.
  • From The River of Ghosts Cork Arts Theatre

    Wednesday 17th – Saturday 20th July 2024From The River of GhostsWritten and performed by Roger GreggConor Tallon speaks to Roger Greeg and Charlie Ruxtion ...about Roger's one man show commemorating the lives of a working class family pursuing their dreams over several generations. as he performs before a backdrop of old photo slides and home movies, accompanied by an evolving Americana soundscape, consisting of original live and recorded music.
  • Crawford: 'From the Source to the Sea'

    Conor has been to the Crawford to hear all about the exhibition 'From the Source to the Sea'
  • Kinsale Arts Weekend 2024

    Elmarie chats to Anna Mulcahy all about Kinsale Arts Weekend
  • Summer Revels: The Directors Chat

    Elmarie caught up with co-directors of Revels 2024; John O'Brien and Killian Collins
  • Ireland's first digital toy library

    Ireland's first digital toy library has been launched in Cork.Giorgia Anile joined Mairead on the show