The Art of Crafting a Strong Hook

Have you come across free essay writer on the internet and read the whole essay? 

One of the reasons that you did not, is because the opening couldn’t hook your attention and reel it in.  

What is a hook?

A hook in writing is a sentence or a group of sentences that serve as attention-grabbers. Writers use hooks all the time to capture their audience and to motivate them to read further into your work.


People pour their hearts and brain out on the body passage. Body paragraphs hold most of the essay writing service is where all the analysis and the research come to life. But unfortunately, not every reader who reads the introduction will read the main body of your essay. You must have done a good job of presenting your argument no doubt. But if the readers find it laborious to go over your introduction or feel bored then they will never be able to learn about your arguments.


The reader is never wrong. Remember this. It is up to the writer to earn the reader’s attention. The hook, if done right, will hold the reader for you just long enough to present your point initially through the thesis statement


Don’t let the good work that you have done go unnoticed. Arm your essay with a baited hook, and catch as many readers as you can.

Types of Hooks

A hook doesn’t have a definitive form, so you can style a hook to your needs. But for your ease here are some types of hooks that you can use on their own or as a combination.


The question hook

A question craves an answer. So what can be better than to tease your audience with a question first and foremost? Most often than not the answer in their head will be fussy and clouded, irking them to continue reading your essay to get to their desired answer.



“How much will a worldwide epidemic cost humanity?”

The potent statement

Getting the hook right is very simple at times. The sense of the type of hook to be used comes naturally with practice. A statement that is thought-provoking and true. Such a statement takes the reader by surprise. You have put a new spin to something they knew but ignored in the past. An example of such a statement is:


“Littering as compared to disposing of the waste is just a matter of aesthetics. The waste ends up on the same earth anyway.”


The stat hook

The stat hook quotes a figure or a fact, and it speaks for itself. You can use this hook to its full potential when you use the facts in a certain context to show how rare was the occasion or how abnormal the numbers are. For more useful guidelines also check write my essay.


“World War II is responsible for the death of over 70 million people, by far the deadliest war in Human History.” 


The anecdote hook


A much creative way to make your reader stay is by using an anecdote. It can be in the first, second or third person. Through it, you will make your reader picture a scenario and help him understand the importance of your topic.