The Arc of Joan


The Arc of Joan Episode 1

Season 1, Ep. 1

Episode 1: Vengeance is Mine. Beth returns to her small town roots to help streamline the Grace Temple Prophecy church. In constant battle with the Reverend Paul from a near by mega church her Aunt Joan, the pastor of GTP, has dreams of becoming a televangelist superstar. Will Joan's husband Tom, scheming to get a hot tub for his sex re-education compound, undo her dreams and Beth's fiscal streamlining?

Starring: Saylor Billings, Shelly Boucher, Steve Briscoe, Amanda Melby, Andrea Taylor

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The Arc of Joan was wholly created during the 2020 - '21 Covid Lockdown by a group of actors determined not just to survive a global pandemic but to thrive by continuing to create art and comedy together.

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