The Ancients


The Nazca Lines

Carved into the Peruvian landscape over a millennia ago, the Nazca lines are some of the most famed, and ancient, geoglyphs in the world. When viewed from above they create astonishing, detailed images of animals that were sacred to the Nazca people. But despite being some of the most well known images of the ancient world, they're still shrouded in mystery. How were these immense images created, and more importantly, why?

In this episode Tristan is joined by Dr Sara Morrisset, an archaeologist and historian, who specialises in these momentous creations. A fountain of knowledge on all things Nazca and Nasca, what can Sara tell us about the Lines? Looking at the hummingbird, spider, and monkey to name a few - just who is responsible for the Nazca lines, and why were they created?

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