The Aligned Self

Explore the multiple dimensions of the human adventure, personal reality, spirituality and mind mastery. The Aligned Self is a self identity, a sense of self that is crafted by design and conscious attention allowing one to live at the upper reaches of their ability, manifest what they want faster and more deliberately.

As a result you are happier, more productive, more confident

Daniel D'Neuville is committed to having "conversations that make a difference". His legacy is leave people and the world better than when they found him. He is committed to your life being all that it can be.

Daniel is a Master Trainer of NLP, a consulting hypnotist, and coach since 1988. As a peak performance coach and trainer he has worked with over 10,000 people over the last 30 years in areas of human performance, mindset, belief change, habits, stress release, mind/body healing... frankly everything having to do with the adventure of being human.

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Daniel D'Neuville