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Explore the multiple dimensions of the human adventure, personal reality, spirituality and mind mastery. The Aligned Self is a self identity, a sense of self that is crafted by design and conscious attention allowing one

The Roots of Self Sabotage & Undesirable Behavior

Season 3, Ep. 219
This is an in-depth conversation with Daniel D'Neuville about subpersonalities and why they are at the root of what appears to you as self-sabotage and less-than-desirable behavior. These unconscious aspects of self, our identity are responsible for much of the good and bad of who we are...but they all operate with a positive intention. They are working on your behalf, if only misguided.. In this episode we talk about updating, reintegrating, and honoring these subpersonalities in to cohesive whole.Depending on when you listen to this, you can work with Daniel directly to resolve these subpersonalities. Daniel is going to work with only 3-5 people as cases studies for his book, so for a short time he is reducing his fee. If you listen to this long after the publication still check out his website to see what's currently availableContact him today via http//:yesdaniel.comFor more information:SUMMIT: The Spiritual Adventure; the gathering of saintsLINKSGet The Manifesting Study Guide Here: THE HIGH VIBE LIFE Online WorkshopTHE ALIGNED SELF COACHING PROGRAM: http://yesdaniel.comFREE VIDEO TRAINING: 5 Mindset Shifts to Up Grade Your Money GameCheckout Daniel's new membership program THE VAULTDANIEL D’NEUVILLE's WEBSITE: http://dneuville.comDaniel’s YouTube CHANNELFACEBOOK GROUPSPODCAST LISTENER’S FB COMMUNITYEXTREME GRATITUDE PROJECTBass Slap Intro written and performed by bass player & producer: Miki SantamariaMiki's YouTube Channel: