The Aligned Self

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Explore the multiple dimensions of the human adventure, personal reality, spirituality and mind mastery. The Aligned Self is a self identity, a sense of self that is crafted by design and conscious attention allowing one


Season 3, Ep. 237
THIS IS PART TWO OF A TWO PART EPISODE: It i suggested that you listen to part one first (episode 236).Being Your Authentic Self begins by knowing yourself, setting boundaries to define where you end and another begins. Most people are bad at setting boundaries, they have trouble saying No...They end up presenting an inauthentic version of themselves to their bosses, friends, and loved ones in an attempt to look good, be accepted, and avoid conflict.Boundaries establish what you will tolerate, and accept in your life. Your boundaries define who you want to be and how you want to be treated. They maintain your well-being, and are crucial for your relationships to work.AREAS TO SET BOUNDARIESPhysicalSexualMental & EmotionalSpiritual/ReligiousFinancialSpacePrivacyTimePersonal CodeNonnegotiable/Deal BreakersFREE TRAINING PREVIEW: A CRASH COURSE IN SETTING BOUNDARIESHttp://yesdaniel.comDelahrose Roobie MyerLINKSGet The Manifesting Study Guide Here: THE HIGH VIBE LIFE Online WorkshopTHE ALIGNED SELF COACHING PROGRAM: http://yesdaniel.comFREE VIDEO TRAINING: 5 Mindset Shifts to Up Grade Your Money GameCheckout Daniel's new membership program THE VAULTDANIEL D’NEUVILLE's WEBSITE: http://dneuville.comDaniel’s YouTube CHANNELFACEBOOK GROUPSPODCAST LISTENER’S FB COMMUNITYEXTREME GRATITUDE PROJECTBass Slap Intro written and performed by bass player & producer: Miki SantamariaMiki's YouTube Channel: