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The Adoption Chronicles

Emily Thygesen

Season 1, Ep. 17

Emily tells us her story from America and how she went on a journey discovering her past and giving back to help those that need it.

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  • 56. Episode 56 - Lesley Lloyd

    Lesley's adoption story was told to her as a bedtime story, and being brought up in a loving home meant Lesly didn't become curious about her adoption until she came to the realisation she looked different from her adoptive parents and her siblings. Her story develops from there......
  • 55. Episode 55 - Cathy Shoebridge

    Cathy grew up believing the story surrounding the circumstances of her adoption were one way however, when she met her birth family she discovered this was not the case.........
  • 54. Episode 54 - Lisa Davis Laidlaw

    Imagine finding out you were adopted when you were 40. Imagine growing up in a culture, believing you were genetically part of, only to find out that is not the case, medical information given to Doctors all incorrect. This is the start of Lisa's story and she tells her tale in a way that will captivate you till the very end.
  • Episode 53 - Angela

    Angela is a brave and courageous woman for opening up and telling us her tale. She tells of hardships, and how she has dealt with those situations to keep moving through life in the best way she knows how. Angela's strength is inspirational to anyone who can relate to her tale
  • 52. Episode 52 - Leanne Sage

    Often when we speak with people who relate past experiences, and tell us what happened, this time we are lucky enough to catch up with Leanne who is in the middle of catching up with her birth family, in fact we had to delay the recording of her story as she was meeting her biological brother for the first time when we had originally scheduled to catch up for a chat!Im sure you will be able to relate to her story and as always hope you get something out of for you!
  • 51. Episode 51 - Debbie

    Debbie shares with her journey of discovery, questions that require answers, the self-doubt of why and how she got from there to where she is today. Debbie tells her story in a way that will captivate you from the beginning to the end.
  • 50. Episode 50 - Sally Grimme

    Episode 50! Sally tells us her adoption story, initially starting as seeking medical history and answers, leading to a path that has many twists and turns.
  • 49. Episode 49 - Jackie Green

    This week on the Adoption Chronicles Mick speaks with Jackie Green. She tells us her story of being adopted, how she was the black sheep of her family and how nature v nurture played out in her life.
  • 48. Episode 48 - Marie Smith

    Marie tells us her adoption story, the interesting timing of when she found out she was adopted and how she was able to unpack that and move on with life!