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The Adoption Chronicles

Emily Thygesen

Season 1, Ep. 17

Emily tells us her story from America and how she went on a journey discovering her past and giving back to help those that need it.

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  • 40. Episode 40 - Cheryl Sauerwald

    I welcome Cheryl into my studio as my 1st guest (apart from my parents) that I speak with as an adopted person. Cheryl tells her adoption story which I think a lot of people will be able to relate to. The process of writing letters finding her birth mother and how that all went back in the days before emails, DNA searches were still fiction, and the internet was still years away.
  • Episode 39 - Tash

    I say every story is unique, and mainly this is due to the different circumstances peculiar to each individual. There are often common threads that run through our stories, however Tash's circumstances are unique without question and it would be extremely rare to find another individual with a similar story. I dont want to give away anything in this summary except to say a big thankyou to Tash for coming on and telling her story, you will have moments where your jaw is open and will not believe your ears.
  • 38. Episode 38 - Ronnie Palazzi

    Ronnie tells us her adoption story which is full of 2 degrees of separation which may have led to interesting "what if's" and to find out what 2 Doors down means you will need to listen to Ronnies story!
  • 37. Episode 37 - Chris Butters

    Chris tells us his story of being adopted and explains the thoughts he had as a child and how they manifested into a detailed dna search into his family history and how the answers he discovered in his searches were different from what he could possibly imagine!
  • 36. Episode 36 - John Kliese

    John has a very interesting story told in a way that will captivate you and hold you in till the very end. What starts out a feel-good story about a young man connecting with his birth mum, evolves into a story of lineage and uncovering old secrets long thought buried. The historical detective work is worthy of an ABC special! I hope you enjoy John's story as much as I did talking with him!(P.s - apologies for my nasally voice and sometimes heavy breathing, the flu does that to you!)
  • 35. Episode 35 - Diane Cuff returns!

    Mick catches up with Diane Cuff who is a DNA search angel and assist everyday people reconnect with biological relatives. Mick and Diane 1st chatted on Episode 1and during this conversation they go a bit deeper into some of the reasons people search and even deciding not to search. There is no correct or incorrect decision about starting or not starting the journey, but once on that journey Diane goes over some very easy to follow suggestions that avoid disaster!That being said nothing is guaranteed in life however, both Mick and Diane have the best interests for adoptees, birth parents and adopting parents at heart. If you are an adopted person, birth parent or an adopting parent who is looking for answers using DNA, you can find Diane Cuff on Facebook and the group she runs is Adoption Search Australia. She has a dedicated team of dna search angels that will not rest until they help each person find an answer to their questions.I hope you get something out of this and all of the episodes, thankyou for listening in!
  • 34. Episode 34 - Lisa

    Lisa tells us her story as an adopted person and she had an usual start to life, being adopted twice! From unfortunate beginnings her life took some interesting turns along the way, I am sure you will agree that Lisa has a very relatable story to tell, I hope you enjoy the episode!
  • 33. Episode 33 - Barbra Vernon

    Barbra tells us her adoption story, the struggles she had as a young person, how her story shaped her become the strong person that she is. Barbra tells us how she searched for her birth mother during the days before emails and how that relationship has unfolded into what it is now.
  • 32. Episode 32 - Ruth Andrews

    It's not all that often where we get to hear a birth mothers' story and how the decision was made to adopt her child out. We have heard a birth father's story (Episode 2 with Bruce Scott) and now we have an opportunity to hear about the how hard it was for Ruth before and after giving birth to her daughter. It really underpins Prime Minister Julia Gillard's speech and apology around forced adoption. I hope you get as much out of Ruths story as i did.