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  • 2. 1.02: Petra-Died? (part two)

    The mystery continues, with Junie starting off in the hospital after the events of the last episode. For more information, go to :)
  • 3. 1.03: Fishing

    Junie goes fishing for cases similar to Craig Petra's, and ends up with Blake. Check us out on
  • 4. 1.04: Not All Dreams Are For Rest

    Junie starts talking to herself. Featuring Neen Varela and Cecelia S. Music and sound effects from Artist.TW: Derealization, suicide, bugs, skin. For more about the podcast visit
  • 5. 1.05: Which Craft

    Junie continues to get harassed by aberrants. She also learns magic from her dear friend, Xander.Junie Bahisa and all unlisted characters are played by Phoebe Juno Monsour. Teddy Keane is played by Kasper Bissonnette. Xander Ellison is played by Bo Burton. Sound effects used under license with ArtList.Check out our website here: warning: reflections, glass breaking and other loud noises, some more gruesome noises, sickness, pain, blood
  • 6. 1.06: Hermit Flower

    Sara buys a tape recorder. It keeps turning on.Sara Yousef was played by Claude Shabib. All other characters were played by Phoebe Juno Monsour.Sound effects used under license from ArtList.TW: poison, murder, serial killers, gore, beetles, beetle death, ghosts, psych ward, dismissal of ones own mental faculties, implications of schizophrenia, the use of words like "crazy" to describe oneself, discussion of cops, child abuse and murder (non-descriptive)