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Every iconic thing from the 90s in alphabetical order

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  • 26. Z is for Zig & Zag

    Bush and Lou conclude their adventure through the alphabet of the 1990s with Z - a barn storming finale featuring chat about Zig and Zag and Lou surprises Bush with a present. A HUGE thank you to each of you who has listened and got involved over this season we really appreciate you support - we will reveal our next plans very soon so watch this space! Bush & Lou x
  • 25. Y is for Yo-Yos

    We literally can't believe that its the penultimate episode of our podcast series! This week we explore stuff from the 90s beginning with Y!
  • 24. X is for Xena Warrior Princess

    Bush and Lou are nearing the end of their journey through the alphabet of the 90s - this week its X - a TOUGH LETTER. Thanks for all your amazing suggestions!
  • 23. W is for why has this episode taken so long?

    After quite the hiatus Bush & Louise triumphantly return with a new episode of The A-Z of the 90s tomorrow, we want to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has listened along so far and checked to see when we resume our journey! In this episode we cover some iconic stuff from the 90s that begins with W - if YOU have any suggestions drop us a message on twitter at @bushontheradio
  • 21. V is for VHS

    Bush and Louise are nearing the end of their epic journey to catalogue every iconic thing in the 1990s in alphabetical order. In this week's episode they tackle V covering everything from Viacom to the Venue Boys.
  • 20. U is for the Undercut

    Bush & Lou's adventure through the alphabet of the 1990s continues as they hit the Us - with your help!They cover everything from the Urban Cookie Collective to Utah Saints.Do you have a suggestion for V? Tweet Bush on @bushontheradio