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What is Critical Caste Theory and why it's a "dubious discourse" | Akshar from The Emissary

Ep. 93

In this episode we speak with Akshar from The Emissary about an article he published earlier this year about Critical Caste Theory, as well as the activists who view Hinduism, Hindu culture, and India’s history and contemporary society through this very narrow lens.

Read the article that we're talking about here.

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  • 109. What does the West get wrong about yoga? Far more than it gets right, say Shyam Ranganathan and Vijay Satnarine.

    In this episode we have a moderated discussion about yoga, colonialism, attitudes about yoga that are coming out of the DEI space. Taking part in this discussion are HAF’s Vijay Satnarine and scholar Shyam Ranganathan, with Mat McDermott moderating.Read more about Shyam Ranganathan’s latest book: Yoga-Anticolonial Philosophy 
  • 108. What's the connection between NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Pakistan's PTI party? MEF Action's Benjamin Baird explains.

    In this episode Samir Kalra speaks with Benjamin Baird from MEF Action on his new reporting detailing the financial ties between NYC Mayor Eric Adams and the Islamist political party PTI, founded by former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, including the funding Mayor Adams has received from PTI affiliated groups registered as foreign agents in the United States. 
  • 107. All about Anandi Joshee, the amazing 19th century Indian woman who become a doctor in the US

    In this episode Suhag Shukla interviews author Nandini Patwardhan about her book Radical Spirits: India’s First Woman Doctor and her American Champions, a biography of Anandi-bai Joshee, who in 1883 as an 18-year old left Calcutta for the United States to study medicine, and who went on to become India’s first woman to earn a medical degree from an American college.
  • 106. Hindu At Heart: Aditi Banerjee

    In this episode, the first of our Hindu At Heart series of interviews, Indu Viswanathan speaks with author Aditi Banerjee on a wide range of issues: Hindu sacred geography in Ayodhya and Varanasi, growing up Hindu in America, and a variety of other topics.
  • 105. Why is there zero representation of Indo-Caribbean Hindus in New York's textbooks?

    For this episode Mat McDermott has a conversation with Sandy Rao, Dr Vishnu Bisram, and Dr Indrani Ramprasad about the Indo-Carribean Hindu community, the lack of representation of the Caribbean Hindu diaspora in New York City school textbooks, the current situation for Hindus in Guyana and Trinidad, and more. Resources mentioned in this episode:Viriah, Krishna GubliMaking Children Hinduphobic: A Critical Review of McGraw Hill’s World History Textbooks, Kundan Singh, Krishna MaheshwariSanatana Dharma and Plantation Hinduism: Exploration and Reflections of an Indian Guyanese Hindu, Ramesh GampatModern World History HMH Social Studies 2018 — used in John Adams High School Queens NYAmerican History HMH Social Studies 2018 — used in John Adams High School Queens NYFred Stella goes to Guyana, hears that Hindu gods are demons
  • 104. Australian filmmaker Ravi Chand's latest film, Namaste Yoga, may leave you in tears

    In this episode, Sheetal Shah speaks with Australian filmmaker Ravi Chand about his latest project, Namaste Yoga. Learn more about Ravi here: Warrior Tribe Films
  • 103. All about the rising antisemitism on college campuses in the past three months | Carly Gammill, StandWithUs

    In this episode Samir Kalra speaks with Carly Gammill, Director of the StandWithUs Center for Combating Antisemitism, about the marked increase in antisemitism expressed on US college campuses following the Hamas attack on Israeli of October 7th, and what can be done about this situation. 
  • 102. HAF Shop Talk: All about Ram Janmabhoomi

    In this HAF Shop Talk episode, Samir Kalra, Mat McDermott, and Dr Vijay Satnarine have a wide ranging informal discussion of the history and archeology of the Ram Janmabhoomi site, media's curious unwillingness to discuss the full history of the situation going back centuries, the capture of the discussion by Marxist historians, and more.
  • 101. How can Hindu parents get their kids to love Indian culture? Prof. Pankaj Jain has some tips.

    In this episode Mat McDermott speaks with Professor Pankaj Jain. Pankaj has been on the show before speaking about his area of professional expertise, Hinduism, Jainism and ecology. But today we’re speaking about something he’s become particularly passionate about: parenting. Specifically how Hindu parents can help their children develop a love of Hindu and Indian culture.