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That's A Gay Ass Podcast

"Dead Elphaba" w/ Jessica Vosk

Season 4, Ep. 3

Jessica Vosk (Wicked) is a Jersey slut and her boyfriend has a perfect butt. We talk about that AND

-the BTS of being Elphaba on Broadway

-awful exes

-the time Jessica tried to get dicked down in Missouri 

-Waiting For Guffman

plus we ask, "what will bring Jessica back to Broadway?"



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Love u mean it!

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  • 13. "Girl Cave" w/ VINCINT

    Pop star (and self proclaimed rom com freak) VINCINT makes his long awaited gay ass debut and honey? She has the range. We discuss:-Eric's obsession with Charlie Puth-how gospel is gay-Jessie J-Beyoncé-forging your own pathplus we ask, "what did JoJo Siwa say?"**********************************************************************New MERCH is here! "Protect Character Actresses" -- "girlina!" -- "faggatrini" -- and "Body Hair Advocates of America". Get yours at www.gayasspodcast.comListen to bonus episodes (including this week's upcoming Gay Ass Sex Diary) here: VINCINT on Instagram (@VINCINT), Twitter (@VINCINT_), and pre-save his new music here: Eric (@ericwillz) and Gay Ass Podcast (@gayasspodcast) and tag if you enjoyed!Love you, faggatrinis.
  • 12. "Pisser On The Dance Floor" w/ Dakota Wright

    For to drink, Dakota Wright is this week's gay ass cocktail / perfect guest. He not only makes incred videos with husband Jackson at America's beloved chain restaurants, he also has beautiful unfiltered stories meant for this gay gay pod. We get into:-hoe tales-being gay in the south-Lindsay Lohan's downfall-the villain that is Bethenny Frankel-getting engaged at Watch What Happens Liveand yes, the time Dakota pissed on the dance floor. Slay!**********************************************************************Listen to this week's Gay Ass Sex Diary with Conor Tierney: "The Vers Top Who Sent A Married Man To The Hospital" []Follow Dakota on Instagram (@dakotawright), TikTok (@printfairy), and watch Dakota and Jackson's WWHL proposal: Eric (@ericwillz) and Gay Ass Podcast (@gayasspodcast) and tag if you enjoyed!Now go drink a peach belliniiiiiiiiii
  • 11. "Carol Fetishist" w/ Tracy E. Gilchrist

    Legendary Lesbian™️ Tracy E. Gilchrist has interviewed just about every celebrity in the world as the former editor in chief of The Advocate (and current VP/Executive Producer of Entertainment), and now it's HER time to answer the Q's. We dive into:-summer camp-the time Kate Winslet almost made Tracy pass out-what really happens during the AIDS life cycle-awful straight menplus we ask, "have you cruised in a mall?"**********************************************************************This week's Gay Ass Sex Diary: "The Married Man Who Got A Bl*w J*b in A Texas Roadhouse" Tracy on Instagram (@tracyegilchrist) and read her piece in Out Magazine interviewing Jim Parsons and Jessica Lange: Eric (@ericwillz) and Gay Ass Podcast (@gayasspodcast) and tag if you enjoyed!LesbiAHns!