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"The Inside Man" the Norwich episode with @Pinkun

Welcome to "The Inside Man", the Millwall podcast show where we bring you exclusive insights into the Lions' matches and team news. In this episode, our hosts Stephen and Ben are joined by Adam from the Norwich local paper called Pink Un, to discuss the upcoming game between Millwall and Norwich at The Den.

With both teams fighting for a place in the top half of the Championship table, the match promises to be a thrilling encounter. Stephen, Ben, and Adam delve deep into the recent form and tactics of both teams, discussing key players, strengths, and weaknesses.

The trio also shares their predictions for the game, analyzing the potential game-changing moments and how each team can secure a victory. With their extensive knowledge of the game and their passion for their respective teams, Stephen, Ben, and Adam provide an in-depth and engaging preview of the match.

So, join us for "The Inside Man" podcast and get ready for a lively discussion on all things Millwall and Norwich.

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