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🎤 Calling all That Millwall Podcast listeners! 🦁

Alright, Lions fans, it's time to settle a score and create the ultimate Sin Bin Playlist on Spotify! We want YOU to help us compile the most cringe-worthy, ear-grating tunes that deserve a one-way ticket to the Sin Bin.

🎶 Have you ever heard a song that made you wish you could unhear it? Well, now's your chance to share your musical nightmares with the Millwall family!

Comment below and Add the absolute worst songs you can think of, and let's build a Spotify playlist that'll make even the most loyal supporters cringe.

🚨 From cheesy pop hits to cringy ballads, no song is off-limits. This is your opportunity to cleanse your musical soul and make sure these tunes never haunt our pre-match rituals again.

👉 How to participate:

Comment below with the title and artist of the worst song you can think of.

Stay tuned for the Sin Bin Playlist on Spotify – we'll be sharing the link once we've collected all your musical confessions!

Let's turn the Sin Bin into a musical graveyard! 🎵🗑️

#SinBinPlaylist #MillwallMusicMayhem #WorstSongsEver

🔗 Playlist Link:

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