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  • 6. Steve Albini would really hate this show and I don't blame him

    Sometimes you've just gotta play a game... Welcome back to the podcast quiz show that will not die! Are you a Dead!?My stuff at Totalcultzone.comAbbie StabbyFacebookInstagramBoo LemontSearch for his name online, you'll find himBatch Coffee - Code: BCC50Music;Skilsel - Energetic Hip hopBig Black - The Power Of Independent TruckingSteve Harley and Cockney RebelCarl Weathers - You ought to be with mePolice Squad"Quirky Dog" & "Space Jazz" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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  • 5. Record Store Daze

    Record Store Day? who is it for exactly? casuals, music fans, collectors, flippers or the music executives out to bleed everybody's wallets dry?it's all of the above. If you love music like we do but are at different levels of appreciation then you can partake in it all if you like but we'd prefer it if you spent the entire year partaking in the act of buying music, as if there's one thing myself and the lovely Rob Jones can agree on with everyone, it's that you don't own music unless you can physically touch it... it doesn't even need to have any pops and hiss to appreciate it fully.That right, Me and visiting host Rob Jones talk about music in this algorthym-destroying episode of ThatFKingShow, we specifically talk about record store day which is going on right now... if you downloaded it on release day... or a year after release day.... or... well you get the idea.What would we like? what do we have? what would we really really really want zig-a-zig ah... My stuff at Totalcultzone.comRob Jones - The Lone Wolves CollectiveChalk Pit Cassete club - Code NW10MubI.... call meBatch Coffee - Code: BCC50Music!MTV Blast offMeat Loaf - Bat out of hell (my own personal version)Avril Lavinge - Complicated (The First Take acoustic) Dean Peltons peanut bar rap - Community S05E08 "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing")Emma Bunton - What Took you so long (sorry Bunts)
  • 4. Films you haven't seen Pt.1 of 469

    On this show, I assure you "There's nothing out there" by reviewing the first meta horror film. Then I get joined by Boo Lemont to talk about films you may not have heard about and some you might... mostly one you haven't though. From Foreign films, to BBC TV movies from the 90's. Transcript available!My stuff at Totalcultzone.comBoo LemontFacebookInstragramMubI.... call meBatch Coffee - Code: BCC50Music!"Space jazz" by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
  • 3. Girls can't be The Crow

    On this show I talk about films I have watched and what I thought about them, it's a bit like "reviewing" but, as I found out I can't review films as I've never made one. Films I have watched include Oscar winner "Poor Things" and Wrestlefest "The Iron Claw", two films you may know, but also I talk about "Sanctuary" a film you may not know and a couple of documentaries to check out if you dug the Von Eric story... That's my thing now. No Spoilers either, It's a whole new show!I also snag goth art goblin Abbie Stabby between her trips overseas to talk about the history and legacy of the Crow, Both the film and the comic books. We also touch upon the remake currently in production and those amazing sequels.All this plus Monster grot, cults and ... it's ThatFKingShow "The next generation"My stuff at Totalcultzone.comAbbie StabbyFacebookInstagramBatch Coffee - Code: BCC50Music!"Equatorial Complex " and "SCP X6X (Hopes) by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
  • 2. the T.I.T.S

    It's back from the dead! Total cult zone presents "ThatFKingShow"ThatFKingGuy and Boo Lemont are here to celebrate our 10th podcasting anniversary by staring at our navels and relistening to our first show together.The Totally Insane Tape Show premiered on the 27th of February 2014... How much have we changed?Music;Skilsel - Energetic Hip Hop
  • 1. Return of the Fking

    It's back from the dead! Total cult zone presents "ThatFKingShow"The show about everything, anything and nothing all at once. ThatFKingGuy and Boo Lemont are here to celebrate our 10th podcasting anniversary!Music;Skilsel - Energetic Hip hop"Quirky Dog" & "Space Jazz" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
  • 12. ThatFKingShow is FkingDead

    Season 5 starts with a bang as the Monorants return to take part in the newest and most deadliest show yet.Who will survive and what will be left of them?Monorants linksRanty TwitterRanty SpotyThat other guys stuffTwitterLink tree linkageMUSICArmageddon vacation introСукины Сыны / Sons Of Bitches (RU) – Мальчи…"Cool cat blues" - Albert Behar"Fireflies" - Amnient boy"Slow wave" - Floor ModelAll tracks excluding the first from Uppbeat.ioWebsite - TotalCultZone.ComElectronic mail -