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After week’s of getting sh*t about their fashion choices, the lads have decided to seek some professional help and reach out to a stylist. Leave your thoughts in the comments on who you think went for the full high fashion attire!

After the international break, the boys are back to business as usual giving their insights on some of the big fixtures ahead this coming weekend, including; Man City v Liverpool, Man Utd v Everton and Spurs v Villa

Pete finds himself back on his soap box when it comes to the dietary requirements of some cyclist enthusiasts and you guys have been back in touch with some rather amusing football shirt sh*te. 

There have also been some big movements on the Paddy Power forfeit this week so watch this space, it’s gonna be a belter!

00:21 Intro

01:17 International break

04:46 Point deductions

10:23 Pre Predictions

17:03 Steve Sidwell, ex Arsenal player

20:24 BBQ Banter

22:02 Paddy Power Forfeit

25:16 Any allergies, Sir?

28:12 Shirt name game

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  • “It’s Not a Two Horse Race” Crouchy BACKTRACKS on Arsenal Title hopes

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, the lads are back at base and are joined by the elusive Notorious SID who has some explaining to do as to his recent whereabouts….Crouchy, Chris and Sids rue another disappointing week on the leaderboard which collectively saw all the lads only accumulate 1 point between them - ouch!However, the ever confident Chris Stark insists that all hope is not last and it definitely isn’t squeaky bum time for any of the lads when it comes to the end of season forfeit as there is still just under a third of the season yet to be played. After another massive win for Arsenal last week, Crouchy admits that he may have been a bit hasty in calling it a two horse race a few weeks back and that Liverpool’s injury list means that the season could end up being a lot closer than initially thought. Looking ahead to this weekend’s games, Peter and the lads give their predictions on the Arsenal v Newcastle, Man Utd v Fulham and Aston Villa v Nott’m Forest games. With the lads threatening to cancel football Fridays if their predictions don’t improve you certainly will not want to miss what could potentially be the last Friday pod ever!Leave your predictions and forfeit suggestions in the comments below!00:00 -  Intro06:29 - Cancel the Friday Pod?!10:57 - About Last Weekend…13:31 - The Sh*thousery Continues16:10 - Arsenal v Newcastle19:34 - Man Utd v Fulham23:16 - Aston Villa vs. Nottingham Forest 25:09 - Squeaky Bum Time 27:34 - Mclovin a BlueySubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • “Say One Wrong Thing and You’re Out” Lando Norris on the BRUTAL reality of F1

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy and Chris are still in the driving seat after a suspect Sidwell has been outed for pulling a sicky in order to hit the slopes. As they find themselves missing a wingman for the second podcast running, the lads thought it would only be right that they enlist the help of British F1 legend - Lando Norris. After taking some heat for his super safe driving tendencies over the past few weeks, Crouchy has called in some favours and got the team down to Mclaren’s Technology Center to settle some scores. Not only do the lads get to sit down with Lando to find out what makes one of the UK’s top athletes tick - from DJ’ing in Ibiza to video gaming with the lads - with a little bit of F1 thrown in for good measure. We also give a big thanks to Mclaren for allowing the big man to silence the haters and put himself behind the wheel with Lando so we could see how much of a brilliant, yet very safe and sensible driver he really is. And would what a trip to Mclaren be without a car XI? Steve Speedwell will be gutted he pulled a sicky for this!00:00 Intro09:10 Healthy Competition14:03 Humble Beginnings 20:01 Parched33:32 Very Superstitious40:02 Pre-game nerves44:19 The Come Down50:48 Peter Crouch: Drive to Survive54:31 Thank you, Mclaren!56:22 Car XISubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • ‘I Would Like to Apologise’ - Crouchy Begs Forgiveness for Last Week’s Mistakes

    On this week’s special episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy and Chris are flying solo after receiving a rather suspicious ’sick voice’ voicemail from The Notorious SID. After what can only be described as an absolute disaster of a weekend last week, the lads feel that they owe you an apology for what they have described as ‘absolute drivel’ predictions where they lost more points than they won. But fear not, hot off the heals of his favourite day of the year, Chris ‘Pancake’ Stark is feeling reinvigorated and ready to continue his march into the front of the leaderboard. The lads also discuss all things ‘Blueys’ TNT Conspiracy theories and Crouchy has a personal apology for his piss poor pun performance last week. If you want to get involved in the predictions for the weekend or even any forfeit suggestions for the loser of this season’s title race then leave your suggestions in the comments!Chumbawamba00:00 Introduction05:33 What Happened to Integrity07:25 Pancake, Pancake, Pancake10:08 Chris Stark, Heartthrob 13:09 TNT Sh*thousery19:26 Man City v Chelsea22:40 Newcastle v Bournemouth 25:36 Forest v West Ham 28:33 Shirt NamesSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • “They Are Going to Win the League” Didi Hamann’s Exclusive Take on This Season’s Title Contenders

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy Chris and Sids are joined by the one and only Didi ‘The Kaiser’ Hamann. Didi and Pete lift the lid on some of the surprising antics they got up to on the red side of Merseyside, with ciggies in the changing rooms, partying with the chairman and an impromptu trip to Japan all getting an honourable mention. The lad’s also couldn’t sit down with The Kaiser and not discuss that memorable night in Istanbul. Didi reveals who he believes had the biggest impact on the team (spoiler alert: It’s not who you think it is) and he relives what is possibly the most famous half time team talk in football history. The lads also talk about his love of Germany, Oktoberfest experiences and why coaching isn’t for him. As has now become tradition on the podcast, Crouchy also gets The Kaiser to give his hot take on our starting XI - this thyme it’s herbs and spices, you don’t want to miss it. 00:11 Introduction03:43 Pete’s Tight with Kuyt08:41 One Night in Istanbul10:32 Djimi Traore 16:30 Alcohol and Cigarettes19:27 Penalty Tekkers27:35 Tokyo a-drift31:22 Career reflections and 36:01 The Golden Generation 40:58 Talkin Pony48:11 Jurgen Klopp55:17 The KaiserSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - 
  • “The Art of Defence is Dead” - Pete’s Damming Verdict on the Modern Game

    As we enter the final third of the Premier League season, the tension is starting to build between the lads and it’s looking like it could go down to the wire with Pete and Sid’s after another disappointing weekend left them both bottom of the table on just 6 points a piece.But before the lads jump straight into their predictions for this weekend, they give their say and reaction to the scores on the doors from last week. With so many goals been scored at all ends of the table, Pete calls into question what has happened to the art of defending in the modern game, and the lads explain just what they would do if they found themselves in a 1v1 against Mudryk if £10,000 was up for grabs. Looking ahead to this weekend, Crouchy, Chris and Sids give their predictions on how they think the Villa v Man Utd, Luton v Sheffield Utd and Wolves v Brentford games will pan out. Want to get involved in the weekend predictions with the lads? Leave your scores on the doors in the comments and any funny forfeit ideas you would like to see the lads perform at the end of this season!Chumbawamba00:00 Introduction and Football Banter02:19 Goals, Goals, Goals07:04 Title Race Predictions13:26 Aston Villa vs. Manchester United16:49 Luton Town vs. Sheffield United20:32 Wolves vs. Brentford26:14 Duck XISubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD 
  • Fraser Forster On How To Perform A Champions League Master Class That Peter Crouch Podcast

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, the lads are coming live and direct from their Nuclear bunker that made an appearance last Friday!This week, Crouchy, Chris and Sids are joined by the Southampton, Celtic and Tottenham stalwart that is Fraser ForsterFraser reflects on the differences between playing in the SPL compared to England, as well as the evolving role of keepers in the evolving game thanks to managers like Pep and Klopp.He also reveals the pearls of wisdom shared to him by GOAT Messi after that unforgettable performance on Celtic Park. Neil Warnock the musical also makes a hotly anticipated return to the pub and we are on hand to give tips on how to nail the perfect sick voice. Chumbawamba00:00 Intro06:06 Fraser Forster11:13 Thai Tims14:12 The GOAT19:18 Saints22:30 Injury time30:37 England33:39 Tottenham42:12 Dynamics and Competition48:15 Neil Warnock the Musical 55:29 The Sick VoiceSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD 
  • “I’m Big Enough to Admit When I’m Wrong” - Crouchy Get’s pulled into Manager’s Office

    Disclaimer: This episode was recorded ahead of the midweek premier league games that took place this week!On today’s That Peter Crouch Podcast - our first February Friday football fixture - Crouchy, Chris and Sids are coming live and direct from a secret location, rumoured to be Elon Musk’s bunker, to bring you all the latest news and reactions to last week’s football shenanigans. We celebrate our very first team of the week, Farnham Town, who celebrated a record 18th win last week - becoming the only team in English football yet to drop a point. The lads also react to the bombshell news of Jurgen Klopp-ite announcing his departure from Liverpool at the end of this season. Looking ahead to this weekend, the games the lads are looking at to improve their standings in the Friday Pod Leaderboard are; Arsenal v Liverpool, Everton v Tottenham and Man U v West HamGet involved in the comments and let us know your predictions and end of season forfeit ideas!Max free bet varies from £/€1 - £/€25 per customer. Pre match Bet Builder bets on the Arsenal vs Liverpool game only. Min 4+ legs. Claim free bet via promo page after 4pm 1st February. Max 1 per customer. Must have previously deposited to avail of the offer. T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.00:28 Intro04:27 The Greatest Team in England05:37 What a Klopp-out09:20 Last week’s results10:43 Arsenal v Liverpool fixture18:24 Green Weekends20:01 Everton v Tottenham22:08 Manchester United v West Ham Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD 
  • Jermaine Defoe Spills the Beans on Rumoured £7 Million Lottery Win

    On this week’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, the lads are talking all things debuts. Sid’s discusses his first big purchase after getting his first professional contract and Crouchy reveals how he’d have signed for anyone willing to throw him a pair of new boots and mouldys to match. The lads also take it upon themselves to put one of this week’s most talked about rumours to bed once and for all, did Jermaine Defoe win £7 million on the lottery? Stay tuned to find out. First team debuts, England debuts and even Radio 1 debuts - stay tuned if you want some insight into how these 3 lads cracked it in the big leagues. Chumbawamba01:15 Intro02:48 Jermaine Defoe won how much?!07:13 Gladiators, ready?09:57 The Treble17:18 Career Debut19:23 Hitchhiker’s guide to the A326:48 Agents36:31 England debut52:02 Cockney Rhyme and Slang57:26 Neil Warnock, the musicalSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD 
  • Scoreboard Sh*thousery: Peter Crouch Calls Out Chris Stark

    Well, well, well…..what a footballing start to the year it has been for Master Stark. Not only has he been able to nab a 3 pointer but he’s extended his lead on Crouchy and Sids after another very successful weekend. But fear not, it is straight back to the business end for the lads who are on fine form this week. Crouchy, Chris and Sids give their hot take on Ivan Toney’s controversial return to the Premier league, and Notorious is on hand to share some of his most memorable moments with the man, the myth, the legend that is Graham Stack. It is also an FA Cup special this week, with the lads looking at Arsenal v Palace, Chelsea v Aston Villa and, of course Chris’ beloved Watford v Southampton. Expect some scoring sh*thousery, VAR-cissistic behaviour and some piss poor punditry only on this week’s Friday episode of That Peter Crouch PodcastChumbawamba00:00 Intro02:24 Ivan Tony's06:18 STATO!07:27 Graham Stack14:21 Arsenal v Palace18:09 Chelsea v Aston Villa22:42 Watford v Southampton28:25 Shirts and Hob titlesSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD