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The Biggest Loser: Forfeit Announced!!

After the season had ended we all thought the squeaky bum time was over. However strap yourself in for another final 20 minutes of a very squeaky bum as there is one final twist in our league.

We also confirm the forfeit on todays pod so stay tuned to see the misery the loser will go through.

Of course we have to round up the season in typical podcast style with a horrendous half and half shirt as well as what some are suggesting to be an ‘American Pie’ style situation with a potato salad.


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    This episode is sponsored by TNT Sports - the exclusive home of the UEFA Champions LeagueToday sees one of the biggest events in the footballing calendar commence, and with it being on home soil, Crouchy and the lads thought it was only fair that we bring you a special bonus episode to chat all things Champion’s League. And they are not alone! Friend of the pod Joe Cole and Rangers legend Ally McCoist join the lads on the sofa to give their expert insights on just how they think tonight’s big game is going to pan out. But it’s not just tonight’s big game between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid that has the lads talking, with Ally on hand to take the lads on a trip down memory lane from some of the other CL final’s hosted at Wembley in years gone by. Facts, stats and a whole lot of laughs, this is the podcast to get you right in the mood for a Champions League Final at Wembley!ChumbawambaSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
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    *This Episode is best viewed on Youtube*It is the moment you have all been waiting for, our very own ginger Iniesta, who has had a torrid season since Christmas finally has to pay the piper…..It was one of the pod’s favourite days out so far and Steve Sitswell/Hungwell did not disappoint!Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy That Peter Crouch Podcast’s Forfeit special!!Any ideas for what the lads should do next year? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • Steve Earnswell: Crouchy, Chris and Sid’s Discuss Steve’s Pro Contracts

    It has been an exciting week for Crouchy and Chris who both met one of their childhood crushes Joan Collins and were so captivated they found themselves in a bidding war trying to secure an afternoon dinner date…..From one Dynasty to another, it is back to pod business as usual, and on today’s episode, Steve Paidwell has been good enough to bring down a few of his former professional contracts from his former glory days. We look at some of the weird clauses teams put in to prevent players injuring themselves or anyone else, questionable bonus structures for ‘doing your job’ and what happens when the club tries to take over your wardrobe. And it isn’t just the contract clauses that leave the lads in disbelief this week….we make a discovery that Steve Drawswell has quite the penchant for art, let us know your thoughts on his efforts in the comments below! 00:00 Intro07:58 Freshers' Week20:54 The Business End30:28 Transfer Requests41:51 Crazy Clauses55:07 Steve Drawswell01:01:07 On Another PlanetSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
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    The blood, the sweat, the tears, the drama! This season has had it all and Crouchy, Chris and Sid’s have a lot of opinions on it. That’s right, on today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Pete and the boys are giving their verdict on the Premier League 23/24 season. The lads look at some of the biggest and best moments from this season and are talking all things flops, Klopp, City and shithouses. There are also awards for players and managers of the season and an honourable shout out to one of the most viral moments of the season featuring our very own Peter Crouch. We hope you enjoy this very special edition of That Peter Crouch Podcast.ChumbawambaSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • The Decider: This Season’s Final Friday Podcast

    It is here! After a gruelling second half of the season which almost saw the integrity of the Friday podcast repeatedly called in to question, we are officially here - the final. In a dramatic turn of events, last week’s predictions sees Chris Stark and The Notorious SID go into the final fixtures of the season neck and neck on 20 points. With this in mind, things have become awfully tense down the Chumba-one-bar so much so that the lads have resorted to hiding their scores from one another in a bid to avoid the looming forfeit. Outside of their own leaderboard, the lads also give their reaction to Joe Cole’s wonder goal for his Sunday League Premier League All Stars game. Pete also resolves one of his longest running sh*thousery gags of the season. Looking ahead to the final Premier League fixtures of the weekend the lads give their predictions for the Manchester v West Ham, Liverpool v Wolves and Everton v Arsenal. Want to get involved in the pod predictor board? Leave yours in the comments below! Chumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast