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Season 1, Ep. 25

E25 That Great Business Show, Ireland's best business podcast.

2.00' A hilarious insight into the first seven years of start-up with former advertising exec James Murphy explaining the highly unusual and very, very painful way he found to attract a million viewers to learn about his patented gum shield. It involves Ian Madigan testing the gum shield, but not where or how you might think! Have a look here; After 'a mere' three and a half years Impact has finally secured a patent on its software. Next stop the world. To complete his Impact Gum Shield early executive team James explains why 'he'd hire Dan Weiden (creator of Nike 'just do it' strapline) in a heartbeat'.

26' The Ward family owned the Mothercare franchise in Ireland for decades but with the collapse of the UK mothership the Irish franchise finally foundered and the family business went down with it. Marketing director Laura Ward was in Mothercare HQ in Watford, UK the day the story broke. She heard not from management, but she saw it on Sky News. She tells That Great Business Show how traumatic that was. Now, the Ward siblings have started again with - an online version of what they had - but with a greater emphasis on backing small Irish businesses. Laura wants relevant businesses to contact her with a view to a listing. Her 'Hire in Heartbeat' is Chrissy Teigen. She explains how having Chrissie onboard could make her business go global.

47' You may think you know the horse business. That is until you listen to Equine MediRecord co-founder Pierce Dargan. He trots us through the worldwide market opportunities for his software, markets that include Sweden where horse trotting is massive (who knew?), New Zealand where bloodstock makes a mark on the country's GDP, Poland - famed for its Winged Hussars. In total he gives 60,000,000 reasons why his TCD Tangent backed business has a massive global opportunity. As well as hiring his grandad, famous industrialist Michael Dargan, in a heartbeat he also wants Andrew Lloyd Webber in his posse. Find out why.

1.09' Next time you look at a lamppost, say to yourself, 'there's a business in that'. The same goes for a park bench, a road sign, a telegraph pole. The great news for another TCD Tangent backed company, is that their very early stage AI company is already getting traction from large enterprises who want to count the 2 million lamp poles in Ireland, or the 5.5 million poles in the UK. Co-founder Julie Connelly says that because it's at such an early stage the business opportunities are only beginning (a Greek company has already come calling). Listen to see if you have a business idea that could you use their business idea. Julie's 'heartbeat hire' is Padraig O'Donoghue of Surecom Technology. He'll be scarlet when he hears why!

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