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How to Make Netflix Original Comedy Horror films with Freaky, Happy Death Day, Disturbia, Paranormal Activity and We Have A Ghost director and writer Christopher Landon!

Ep. 325

How to Make Netflix Original Comedy Horror films with director and writer Christopher Landon!

On this fabulous episode we chat to Freaky, Happy Death Day, Disturbia, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse & Paranormal Activity 2,3 and 4 screenwriter and/or director dive deep into making horror films and comedy and a Netflix Original film with We Have A Ghost's director and screenwriter Christopher Landon!

Chris chats with fellow director and screenwriter Giles Alderson about:

-Jason Blum, making found footage and how Paranormal Activity came to him.

-writing Disturbia and many others on spec

-Blocking, One-ers, Unmotivated camera moves

-How he got his first paid gig

-Outlining scripts

-Why casting is important

-Turning down big movies &

-Sticking to your guns as a filmmaker &

-How he made he latest feature the comedy 'We Have a Ghost '.

We Have A Ghost is available on NETFLIX now!

Three Day Millionaire OUT NOW in the UK on Prime and the USA and Canada and will be on NETFLIX UK on Sat 25th February. Go watch & SUPPORT

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