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  • 30. "Nos coups de coeur"

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004Justine Blue-It’s not about you-True-Kebra’s rec.-2022Thomas Kahn-Alone-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022Touch of Groove-Listen to daddy-T.O.G.-Lys rec.-2022Chris Barnes-Mushrooms make me a fun guy-Badnews travels fast-Gulf coast rec.-2024Circle of Mud-Native man-Circle of Mud-Dixiefrog-2021Supersonic Blues Machine-Can’t take it no more-West of flushing south of Frisco-Mascot/Provogue-2016Grant Haua-Billie Holiday-Mana blues-Dixiefrog-2023Véronique Gayot-Gasoline-Wildcat-Grand cru rec.-2019Sweet Scarlett-Jostle-Rockin’ that soul-Autoprod.-2021Alastair Greene-Am I to blame ?-Standing out loud-Ruf rec.-2024Canned Heat-One last boogie-Finyl vinyl-Ruf rec.-2024Manuel Paris-Mojito-Open up-Autoprod.-2023LittleBig6Ster-Just enough for the city-LivePaul Personne-Banlieue boogie blues-Dédicaces-Verycords-2023Gérard Lanvin-Entre le dire et le faire-Ici bas-Gel prod.-2021Buddy Guy-74 years young-Living proof-Jive rec.-2010Zacharie Defaut trio-My time-Milady-Hook sound rec.-2024

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  • 29. Les festivals d'août

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004Muddy Gurdy-Chain gang-Homecoming-2021Maxwell Street-Somebody has to pay-Going back-Autoprod.-2014Wille & the Bandits-Will we ever-LiveDawn Taylor Watson-Love to burn-Mad love-Autoprod.-2023The BluesBones-Talking to the Lord-Unchained-Donor/Naked-2023Monster Mike Welch-In case you care-Nothing but time-Gulf coast rec.-2023King King-You stopped the rain-Reaching for the light-Manhaton rec.-2015Dexter Allen-Tell somebody-Trilogy of my bluez-Autoprod.-2015Solomon Hicks-I’d rather to be blind-Harlem-Mascot/Provogue-2020Robben Ford-Born under a bad sign-Talk to your daughter-1988The Crooked Nails-If all you have is a Hammer-Everything looks like a nail-Autoprod.-2023Freddy Miller-I’m not coming home-Just be yourself-1000’R prod.-2024LittleBig6Ster-Vertigo-LB6-Autoprod.-2021LittleBig6Ster-Disappear-LB6-Autoprod.-2021Thomas Frank Hopper-Troublemaker-Paradize city-Autoprod.-2023The Cinelli Brothers-Leave it with you-Almost exactly-Autoprod.-2024DeWolff-Night train-Love, death & in between-Mascot rec.-2023Red Red-Lay me down Marie-The Alabama Kid-Donor/Naked-2023PD Martin-4T2-Soulbeat incarnate-Donor/Naked-2023
  • 28. Les festivals de juillet

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004David Ronaldo & the Dice-Midnight sun-LiveDK Harrell- You’re a queen-The right man-Little village-2023Mr Sipp-Knock a hole in it-Knock a hole in it-2017The Blue Chevys-Sitting on a stone-Twice fifteen-Chevy blue music-2018Thomas Kahn-Stay away-This is real-Kebra’s rec.-2022Budda Power Blues-It doesn’t matter-Collective-Autoprod.-2023Keith Dunn’s band-Sometimes woman-Delta roll-2006Harlem Lake-Beware-Volition live-Autoprod.-2023Little Odetta-Struck-Single-2023Little Odetta-No medication-Single-2023Robert Finley-Make me feel alright-Sharecropper’s Son-Easy eye sound-2021Lucky Pepper-Southern Belle-Easier said than done !-Autoprod.-2023Ana Popovic-Deep down-Power-ArtisteXclusive rec.-2023Ana Popovic-Ride it-Power-ArtisteXclusive rec.-2023Charlélie Coutune-Presque boogie-Contre toi-Rue bleue-2024Justina Lee Brown-Crossfire-Lost child-2023Mazingo-Six pieds sous terre-Hey you-Backbeat-2024Robert Jon & the Wreck-Ride into the light-Ride into the light-Autre label-2023The Blue Footed Boobies-This is hip-The Blue Footed Boobies-Rock & Hall-2023Malted Milk-I’m possible-1975-Blues prod.-2023
  • 27. Tellin'You 09/05/24

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004Sloper-Therapy-Single-2024Sloper-Never alone-LiveMazingo-One poor teardrop-Hey you-Backbeat-2024Mazingo-Six pieds sous terre-Hey you-Backbeat-2024Chris Janssen-John’s Barn beer-Over the years-Bourbon Street rec.-2024Chris Janssen-Second wallstreet-Over the years-Bourbon Street rec.-2024Chris Janssen-Asked you a question-Over the years-Bourbon Street rec.-2024Tom Holland & the Shuffle Kings-Long road to tomorrow-Sessions from studioBoogie Beasts-Sunday morning soul-Neon skies & different highs-Naked/Donor- 2024Doghouse Sam & his Magnatones-You’re mine-Booom !!Big Dave & the Dutchmen-Tomorrow night-LiveBig Dave & the Dutchmen-Jump children-LiveAdmiral Freebee-Coming of the light-LiveGhalia Volt-Shout sister shout-Shout sister shout-Ruf rec.-2023Krissy Matthews & friends-Mr Brown’s blues-Krissy Matthews & friends-Ruf rec.-2024The Cinelli brothers-Making it through the night-Almost exactly...-Autoprod.-2024Sandy Carroll-Hurt so hard-Love on it-Blue heart rec.-2023Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps-I’d do it for you-Rose-colered glasses-Blue heart rec.-2023
  • 26. Tellin'You 02/05/24

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004Travellin’ Blue Kings-Lay down knuckle under-Single-Naked/Donor-2024Bill & the Burners-Move to the city-Trouble-Autoprod.-2024Bill & the Burners-Company man-Trouble-Autoprod.-2024Ralph de Jongh-Sun coming up-Sun coming up-2015Kaz Hawkins-Get up and go-Until we meet again-Dixiefrog-2023Elliott Murphy-A touch of kindness-Coming home again-2006Nathan Bell-Angola prison-Red, white and American blues-2021Tom Rigney & Flambeau-Jambalaya-Happy to be here-Parhelion rec.-2023Eden Brent-Getaway blues-Getaway blues-Yellow dog rec.-2024SaRon Crenshaw-Live in Banana Peel-2024Bernard Allison-I gave it all-Luther’s Blues-Ruf rec.-2024Bernard Allison-Too many women-Luther’s Blues-Ruf rec.-2024Ally Venable-Blues is my best friend-Real gone-Ruf rec.-2023Peter Veteska & Blues Train-2:00 in the morning-Full tilt-Blue heart rec.-2023Malted Milk-Love for yourself-1975-Blues prod.-2024Ashley Sherlock-Goodbye to you-Just a name-Ruf rec.-2023The Crooked Nails-Alone-Everything looks like a nail-Autoprod.-2023Lenny Lafargue-Dance Bella-Rouler Rouler-Autoprod.-2024
  • 25. Tellin'You 25/04/24

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004Guy Verlinde-My little girl-Single-2024The Supersoul Brothers-Father-By the way-Dixiefrog/Pias-2024The Supersoul Brothers-Changing the people-By the way-Dixiefrog/Pias-2024Chris Badnews Barnes-Badnews travels fast-Badnews travels fast-Gulf Coast rec.-2024Chris Badnews Barnes-You right baby-Badnews travels fast-Gulfcoast rec.-2024Boogie Beasts-Fool for you-Neon skies & different highs-Naked/Donor-2024Boogie Beasts-Save me-Neon skies & different highs-Naked/Donor-2024The Wicked Lo-down-The wildest one-Out of line-Gulf Coast rec.-2024The Wicked Lo-down-Action woman-Out of line-Gulf Coast rec.-2024Zacharie Defaut trio-I believe-Milady-Autoprod.-2024Zacharie Defaut trio-I’ve got the blues-Milady-Autoprod.-2024The Pat McManus band-Go the right-Live in France→The store for music-2023Rob Tognoni-Eyes wide open-Rebel-2024Manu Slide & Tristan GI 45-When my last prayer is done-LiveGazoline Delta Love-Cut your loose-Wild cat boogieMachine Kult-Mannish boy-SingleErja Lyytinen-Last girl-Diamonds on the road-Tuohi rec.-2023The Blue-Footed Boobies-This is hip-The Blue-Footed Boobies-Dixiefrog/Rock & Hall-2023The Blue-Footed Boobies-Buggy-The Blue-Footed Boobies-Dixiefrog/Rock & Hall-2023
  • 24. Tellin'You 18/04/24

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004Lenny Lafargue-Rouler rouler-Rouler rouler-Autoprod.-2024Lenny Lafargue-Moi j’veux pas toi-Rouler rouler-Autoprod.-2024Boogie Beasts-Sunday morning-Neon skies & different highs-Naked/Donor-2024Boogie Beasts-Midnight man-Neon skies & different highs-Naked/Donor-2024Eric Johanson-Gets me high-The deep and the dirty-Ruf rec.-2023Katarina Pejak-Woman-Pearls on a string-Ruf rec.-2024Alastair Green-Trouble blues-Standing out loud-Ruf rec.-2024Alastair Green-Am I to blame ?-Standing out loud-Ruf rec.-2024Blues Caravan-Come on in my kitchen-Live-2024Baskery-One horse down-One horse down-EPErja Lyytinen-Rocking chair-Diamonds on the road-Tuohi rec.-2023Maxwell Street-Hot pants-Going back-Autoprod.-2014Ian Siegal-Sailor town-All the rage-Dixiefrog/Borderline blues-2017Eddie 9V-Yella alligator-Capricorn-Ruf rec.-2023Dave Keller-The truth of the blues-It’s time to shine-Autoprod.-2023Kid Colling cartel-Somebody who cares-Living on the wild side-Rock’n hall-2023Mike Zito-No one to talk (but the blues)-Life is hard-Gulf coast rec.-2024Joost de Lange-I won’t follow-Hypnotized-Autoprod.-2022Red Beans & Pepper Sauce-Guess my name-7-Crossroads/Socadisc-2022