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  • 1. Psychoacoustics, meeting culture, and combatting audio fatigue

    Have you ever suffered from audio fatigue? When the pandemic hit, some of us became remote or hybrid workers. With at-home meetings, we had to adapt to a new sonic work environment.In this episode, Telavox talks to Dorthe Krogh Jensen, CMO at EPOS, about how an optimal acoustic set-up can enhance performance, efficiency and well-being. We also get nerdy by digging into neuroscience, including EPOS’ research into psychoacoustics as a way to combat audio fatigue.

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  • 2. Exploring ethical AI in politics, business, and life

    How can we use artificial intelligence in an ethical way? AI is everywhere, and the progress is equal parts exciting and scary. So how do we ensure that we’re moving forward in the right direction?In this episode, Telavox talks to Zlata Kolesnyk, Head of Partnerships at Stockholm AI, about using AI and sentiment analysis to analyse human emotions and behaviours. We get into machine learning, social media listening and the pitfalls of programming.
  • 3. How AI is changing customer service

    Can artificial intelligence enhance customer service? With the use of sentiment analysis to analyse human voices, we get one step closer to superb support.In this episode, Telavox talks to Marlon Martínez, IT Project Manager at Numintec. We discuss how sentiment analysis works, its impacts on customer success, and the risks that the technology pose. Later, we talk about Marlon’s passion for philosophy and get into some big topics concerning AI.
  • 4. Choosing the best tech tools to work smarter and not harder

    How do you run a marketing team if you’re just one person? That’s exactly what our guest has done with great success. In this episode, Telavox talks to Santiago “Santi” Mazzoni, Marketing Manager at Numintec. We discuss how Santi succeeded, the importance of strategy, and not being seduced by shiny new tools.
  • 5. The new trends and threats of digital security

    How can we stay ahead in the ever-evolving realm of IT security? Sometimes, navigating online can feel like walking a minefield, both as an individual and a civilian.In this episode, Telavox Talks to Natasha Friis Saxberg, CEO of Danish IT Industry, and Peter Sunde, founder of Together, we explore the latest threats, trends, and strategies to safeguard businesses and individuals in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. From emerging threats to quantum computing, we uncover the measures that organisations and individuals must adopt to protect their data.This episode was originally recorded as a live webinar in 2022.