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What's this 'Boiler Ban' then?

Have you heard of this BAN?

Boilers are currently pretty integral to the heating and hot water in a house, but Gas naturally brings risks, costs and environmental damage.

So, what are the government doing (or claming) they are going to do about it, and how does it affect you?

Talking to us today about the ‘Boiler Ban’ and what that means to us is Dean Adkins. 

Dean is a veteran of the British Army who invested in property from the age of 19 using the money he’d saved during his first tour to Iraq. He build a decent portfolio in South Wales in the years following his first purchase and completed a degree in Construction Project Management all from a laptop while deployed around the world. He left the Army after 7 years to pursue his property dream and went on to study Building Services Engineering at a local uni and trained to be an Electrician while working for a local property developer. Fast forward 10 years and along with his growing private property portfolio, Dean is based in London and has his name on over £1.2bn in construction projects across London and is classed as an expert in the industry. Alongside his property business he also owns a Building Services Commissioning business and a property surveying company that specialises in snagging properties for purchasers and snagging renovation projects. 

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