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Tej Talks: Being Better

Tej Talks Property is now Being Better - Welcome to Season 2

Tej Talks has a new name. Same values, same Tej, but a whole new ambition.

The podcast has been wildly successful. Over 300 episodes, 912,000 listeners, 150 countries, and a 4.9* rating from 530+ reviews. How many of your favourite brands have a score like that?

Despite all that success, it’s time for a change.

It’s time to end this first season of Tej Talks (And bloody hell, it’s been a long season).

It’s time to shift my focus away from property and onto the bigger picture. 

Now, I’ll still be doing property deals, but I’m hands off! The Mainty Group will be the ones doing the heavy lifting.

And I’m really enjoying the mentoring side of property, so you’ll still see me around for that.


It’s time we kick off season 2.

Tej Talks is now Being Better: Focusing on wealth, health, self improvement, buying businesses, and much, much more. 

---About your host, Tej:

Tej graduated from King's’ College London with a BSc Biochemistry in 2014, he then pursued a career in Medical Education and Marketing. Soon after his second job… he was fired! A moment of relief and freedom was what he felt, not sure what his mother felt when he told her he was jobless at 23…

He then went in search of a more ethical path, a business he could set up where the reward was equal to the work put in. “If they are making pounds, why am I making pennies?” - was his thought process, not happy with slow progression and bureaucracy (& having to wear smart shoes everyday). This lead him to opening a Recruitment business (not sure where the ethics went) which doubled in profit every year, for 4 years. He hated it. Golden handcuffs they call it.

Fortunately, he used the cash he’d built up from that business, to educate himself in Property Investing. Soon, he’d stopped the business and transitioned into Property Investment full time. He then had a slow start -

Purchasing 15 properties in his first 9 months, using over £650,000 of Investor Finance, he built a £1,200,000 property portfolio and created £30,000 of profit from flips. This gave him ‘financial freedom’, but it was the most stressful period of his life. Growing quickly is very painful. He recently made £95,000 from two flips.

Let’s not forget that his Podcast grew to be the most-reviewed UK Property Podcast, peaking at 4,000 unique downloads per episode.

His Podcast (Tej Talks) now sits at 800,000 downloads in over 120 countries and has 500 reviews, rated 5/5.

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