cover art for Building a £1.5m portfolio in 2 years, £10,000 a month passive income, Social Housing contracts, and blind-buying a brothel at auction with Saif Derzi

Tej Talks: Being Better

Building a £1.5m portfolio in 2 years, £10,000 a month passive income, Social Housing contracts, and blind-buying a brothel at auction with Saif Derzi

Saif has built up a big portfolio in a short space of time. His most interesting property was an old brothel, which legally had no access to it, inevitably this scared off most investors as you wouldn't want to buy something you couldn't see - who knows what danger is lurking inside there! Saif wasn't afraid, and bought it. When he viewed it, there weren't many unexpected horrors, apart from a hole in the floor and all the old needles...

He converted it into a lovely space that now is leased by a Social/Housing Association, that pay guaranteed rent for a certain period of years, all management and repairs are covered by them. As easy as that right?

We also discuss goal setting, and how you can break your long-term goals down into weekly activities that will contribute to the success of it and why it's important to look at the bigger picture at the same time.

Saif doesn't stop - the week before this Podcast is released, he had 3 Commercial Conversions exchanged and in legals.

He's also giving away 2 30 min FREE mentoring phone calls - all you have to do is follow us both on Instagram, leave a review for the TejTalks Podcast on iTunes/Podcast app or the Facebook page, let me know and I'll enter you in the competition.

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