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People & Persistence in Property

I share my 2 Ps in Property. People often ask me how I've grown so quickly, or what's my secret. & there is no secret.

It's just hard work, the right mindset, guidance and clarity. These are much easier said than done, and it's taken me a long time to get it right, but I'm still learning, as we all are.

I focus on why people are the centre of your business, and why putting them before profits is essential to thrive and survive as a business.

Persistence is important to reach your goals, you have to stick with what you're doing every day, through every failure.

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Commercial Conversions, £500k profit and painful Lenders with the Hard Hat Developers

They have over 12 years’ worth of industry experience specialising in all areas throughout the development cycle including acquiring planning, construction and selling.Established in 2019, their mission is to deliver innovative developments committed to excellence through creative design, analysis and execution. Hard Hat Developers is a property investment company established by Jasmine Dosanjh and Priya Kripalani starting as friends, Jasmine and Priya began their journey together as business partners in 2019, after individually fine-tuning their own investment portfolios.With their passion for property, aligned ambitions and matching morals, Jasmine and Priya joined forces to progress in the industry together. From there on, Hard Hat Developers was born. Jasmine has been investing in the UK property market for ten years. She has a diverse portfolio across the country including Hertfordshire, Kent, West London, Stoke-on-Trent and Middlesbrough. Jasmine has been focused on various strategies including HMOs /Multi-lets, Buy to Lets, Social housing and more recently Commercial Conversions. Jasmine's full-time property adventure started 4 years ago and prior to this, she worked for 7 years in the City alongside property investment. With a strong 7 years of experience in the banking industry, Priya has been investing into the UK property market for over two years. The past two years have developed rapidly for Priya, demonstrating commendable progress with projects inLiverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, Barnsley and West London. Similarly to Jasmine, Priya has diversified her strategies to include HMOs/Multi-lets, Flips and now Commercial Conversions.tejinvests.comtej-talks.com