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About your host, Tej:

Tej graduated from King's’ College London with a BSc Biochemistry in 2014, he then pursued a career in Medical Education and Marketing. Soon after his second job… he was fired! A moment of relief and freedom was what he felt, not sure what his mother felt when he told her he was jobless at 23…

He then went in search of a more ethical path, a business he could set up where the reward was equal to the work put in. “If they are making pounds, why am I making pennies?” - was his thought process, not happy with slow progression and bureaucracy (& having to wear smart shoes everyday). This lead him to opening a Recruitment business (not sure where the ethics went) which doubled in profit every year, for 4 years. He hated it. Golden handcuffs they call it.

Fortunately, he used the cash he’d built up from that business, to educate himself in Property Investing. Soon, he’d stopped the business and transitioned into Property Investment full time. He then had a slow start -

Purchasing 15 properties in his first 9 months, using over £650,000 of Investor Finance, he built a £1,200,000 property portfolio and created £30,000 of profit from flips. This gave him ‘financial freedom’, but it was the most stressful period of his life. Growing quickly is very painful. He recently made £95,000 from two flips.

Let’s not forget that his Podcast grew to be the most-reviewed UK Property Podcast, peaking at 4,000 unique downloads per episode.

His Podcast (Tej Talks) now sits at 800,000 downloads in over 120 countries and has 500 reviews, rated 5/5.

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    Welcome to Tej Talks, the podcast that cuts through the noise and gets real about the world we live in. CLICK HERE >> <<Hosted by Tej Singh, this show is your compass in a world filled with fake gurus, dubious investments, social media deception, and the quest for the right education.In a landscape saturated with self-proclaimed experts selling courses, Tej Talks exposes the truth behind the facade.Join Tej as he breaks down the tactics of fake people selling courses, revealing the red flags and helping you navigate the clutter to make informed decisions.Ever wondered about those too-good-to-be-true investment opportunities? Tej delves into the world of bad investments, sharing cautionary tales, expert insights, and practical tips to steer you away from financial pitfalls. Learn to separate the scams from genuine opportunities and safeguard your hard-earned money.But it's not just about money – it's about authenticity. Tej Talks also explores the culture of deception on social media. From exaggerated success stories to outright lies, Tej exposes the truth behind the glamorous posts and influencers. Tune in for a reality check that will make you think twice about the narratives presented on your feed.And when it comes to education, Tej understands the importance of making the right choices. Whether you're navigating traditional academia or exploring alternative paths, Tej Talks provides valuable insights to help you choose the education that aligns with your goals and values.Join me on Tej Talks, where honesty meets wisdom, and real talk reigns supreme. Get ready to uncover the truth, make informed decisions, and take control of your life. It's time to cut through the noise and embrace authenticity.Tej Talks – because the real world deserves real conversations.
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