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How to manage Tenants in your HMOs, reduce voids and increase the profit with co:home


  • The evolution of the HMO and why quality is important.
  • Why the customer experience is the most important aspect of letting properties. A lot of investors get hung up on the property and forget about the people living in the property.
  • Why service trumps design.
  • Why property management should be a given and how we can use tech to solve this problem easily so that our focus can be on the customer/tenant.
  • There are very few good HMO agents out there - landlords are often put off investing in certain areas or full stop because of this problem.
  • Better customer experience can deliver better returns and reduce stress and hassle on the part of the landlord.
  • How we implement customer service in our new HMO management offering, co:home.

Matt Baker, Dan Jackson and Leah Ziliak of co:home, approach property investing and management by putting the customer – the tenant - at heart of the business and encouraging the formation of coliving communities within HMOs. Coliving is an approach which leads to a better living experience and therefore longer tenancies, fewer issues and even market-beating rents.


Matt Baker


Co-founder of Scott Baker Properties, The HMO Platform, Head of Business Development at co:home, and #1 Best Selling author of Next Level Landlord. Matt is a specialist in Next Level HMO® and coliving developments. He is recognised in the property industry as one of the country’s leading HMO and coliving educators.


Starting life as musician, Matt has always had a creative side, composing and performing as a pianist in numerous collaborations. He also grew and sold a successful musical education business.


Matt aims to create meaningful relationships within his property development and training businesses. This customer-first approach has led to the successful creation of a £5 million property portfolio in his first 4 years of investment, using the majority of investor finance.


Matt’s wider vision is to have a positive impact on shared living communities across the globe to create lifelong peace of mind and well-being for both tenant and landlord. 


Leah Ziliak


With over 10 years of experience working in the hospitality and entertainment industries, Leah Ziliak is passionate about connection and creating engaging environments. Leah is Head of Customer Experience at co:home and much of the work she does lies in the designing and planning. 


While traveling full-time as a digital nomad, Leah came across the concept of coliving in Europe and fell in love with the communities she discovered. Using best practices from the world of tourism and hospitality, Leah founded a consultancy for coliving spaces, with a focus on creating consistently positive customer experiences.


Leah recognisies that the goal of any coliving space isn’t about forcing connection, it’s about creating environments for it to happen.


Dan Jackson


In 2016, Dan left a 20-year career in the city to found  UrbanShared a tech driven coliving operator in South West London. With plans to take coliving nationwide, he realised he couldn’t do it alone, so when he was approached to co-found co:home, a nationwide start-up coliving operator he jumped at the opportunity. Dan now brings this experience into co:home leading on the management process.


Dan has a background in technology and operations having worked in some of the UK’s largest financial institutions during a 15-year career. He is obsessed with customer experience and believes that the nascent coliving market is ready for a step change, where the customer comes first.







Matt: @clearlymattbaker



Leah: @thecolivingconsultant



Dan: @lovecoliving



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