Tej Talks - Property


Health habits, mindset, stoicism, starting property with £30,000 & growing to £1.3m with Colin Cambro

Today's conversation is with Tej Singh. Tej is a Property Investor, Author and Podcast Host better known as Tej Talks.

Expect to learn how Tej moved career to become a full time property investor and the process that resulted in him purchasing 15 properties in just 9 months. This all started with an initial £30,000 with the 15 properties worth around £1.3M at the time.

Within this, we discuss investor finance, education, and mentoring.

Importantly, I ask about the many different strategies that can be used in property investing including Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Buy to Let, Flips and more. Tej explains the considerations for selecting the right strategy for you.

Lastly, I am always interested in the mindset and habits of successful people and Tej shares what he has learned from the Stoics and the core mind and body habits he has in place to perform at his best.

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Website - https://www.tej-talks.com

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