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Commercial Conversions, £500k profit and painful Lenders with the Hard Hat Developers

They have over 12 years’ worth of industry experience specialising in all areas throughout the development cycle including acquiring planning, construction and selling. 

Established in 2019, their mission is to deliver innovative developments committed to excellence through creative design, analysis and execution.

Hard Hat Developers is a property investment company established by Jasmine Dosanjh and Priya Kripalani starting as friends, Jasmine and Priya began their journey together as business partners in 2019, after individually fine-tuning their own investment portfolios. With their passion for property, aligned ambitions and matching morals, Jasmine and Priya joined forces to progress in the industry together. From there on, Hard Hat Developers was born.


Jasmine has been investing in the UK property market for ten years. She has a diverse portfolio across the country including Hertfordshire, Kent, West London, Stoke-on-Trent and Middlesbrough. Jasmine has been focused on various strategies including HMOs /Multi-lets, Buy to Lets, Social housing and more recently Commercial Conversions. Jasmine's full-time property adventure started 4 years ago and prior to this, she worked for 7 years in the City alongside property investment.

With a strong 7 years of experience in the banking industry, Priya has been investing into the UK property market for over two years. The past two years have developed rapidly for Priya, demonstrating commendable progress with projects in Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, Barnsley and West London. Similarly to Jasmine, Priya has diversified her strategies to include HMOs/Multi-lets, Flips and now Commercial Conversions. 



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305 tenants, 19 properties at £4.4m and how to graft with Property_Apprentice

"0% Eviction rate over 1000 students."Why does Craig love Student HMOs? How does he buy in London? What's his JV Structure? These are some of the topics we discussed in todays episode, if you know him on IG, you know he is a hard worker. No excuses! Craig Sullivanis an entrepreneur with true passion for property and is also known from his Instagram alias of 'Property Apprentice' which is notorious for early morning motivational sing-songs, videos and "BIG UP THE GRAFTERS!".He purchased his first property at auction at the age of just 20 and has developed his property portfolio in the South-East, leaving his corporate job and pursuing property full-time at the age of 28. He studied Business at degree level but after attending his placement year he decided not to go back and has worked in Sales roles for major media companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers and Viacom. During this time, he purchased his second property (again from auction) of which was documented by the BBC and appeared on their hit show ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ (YouTube link -HERE).After achieving great results and feedback from these investments, he soon came to realise that there was a gap in the market for high-end student properties and began to replicate his business model; buying below market value properties, adding value cost effectively, securing good tenants and refinancing to repeat the process.As his personal portfolio was growing, he was approached by local landlords to manage their properties too. Craig immediately agreed and after some cheap flyers and a DIY website, his Letting agency was born. That Letting agency is now the largest provider of Student Houses in Medway, overtaking High Street names and local businesses who have been in the market for 25+ years.Craig was also nominated for Business Excellence in the Kent Independent Traders Awards 2016 where he received runner up in ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Growth Business of the Year’ categories.He has appeared on multiple property Podcasts and is also a regular speaker on local TVStationKMTV, where he is asked to comment on recent property headlines and topics.