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Agents parring me off, why I'm so busy and what's happening with my houses


A quick solo episode from yours truly.

Bit of an update on what I'm doing, why I've failed you and not posted Wednesday Episodes for ages. I usually have them 4-6 weeks in advance for my Podcast, on Property, but, alas, I didn't.

But, I'M BACK.

So, look out for more awesome guests plus some Fintech reviews and product highlights.


I'm looking for Investment at the moment, so message me and go to tejinvests.com

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JVs: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Protecting yourself and your money.

'Understanding JV's. The good, the bad and the ugly'.The term 'joint venture' is often used without much - if any understanding of what it means, or might mean, legally.It can often be used as a 'sexy' way to draw in investors to part with their money.I'm completely flexible but have in mind a conversation geared around investors in property, what and how things can go wrong- with a smattering of high level examples from Alex' work acting for investors (including HNW individuals, international investors and lenders) in disputes nationally, and his views on how to avoid them ever happening.JV's can take the form of multiple legal wrappers and outcomes can range from being a great way to bring different people/experience/input to the table (time, money, knowledge); with positive outcomes ('the good'); where something unforeseen happens (no profit, only loss; market changes; wrong wrapper for tax etc) 'the bad'; or those always geared around ripping off the investor ('the ugly').'ac@helix-law.comAlex initially trained as a Barrister (non-practicing) before cross-qualifying as a specialist commercial and property litigation solicitor. Prior to becoming joint owner of Helix Law in 2013, he was Head of Litigation and one of the youngest partners in the regionin a large firm based in Eastbourne. Comfortable and experienced litigating against large international City firms, he has successfully resolved complex commercial and property disputes for clients ranging from large international businesses and propertyinvestorsto individual business people.Alex isan accredited commercial mediatorand heis increasingly asked to advise on contracts, risk, dispute avoidance and exit strategies. He also continues to develop and innovate our products, services and funding arrangements with the aim of making specialist litigation services more transparent and accessible.