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£570,000 raised in 12m, how to pitch Investors and balancing a 9-5 with Property, Romero shares all

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Romero talks us through his story, below:


- How to raise 570k in 12 months and 6 deals (excluding the bank). (500k from other investors alone)

- Having the right content to present to investors on why they should be a part of a bigger picture while also getting a return

- Scaling up due to wanting to help others achieve a return on their money and take property seriously

- Small portfolio of successful residential projects prior to taking the investment management service seriously so already had a track records simple refurbs done and achieved.

- Finally finding the solution to all money in all money out

- Finding a niche or gap to do a different type of project away from the norm to still achieve good numbers

- Latest Water Tower (iconic building in Newark, now to be 13 brand new apartments with tower remaining) Set to be filmed on bbc1 homes under the hammer.


Business Management background and 1st class degree specialising in Marketing

- Corporate full time Jigsaw24 (Nottingham & london) until Feb 2017 doing Marketing

- 4 refurbs 2013 - 2016 around £22k refurb level (1 at £5k)

- Approached business partner in 2015 to start doing larger simple refurbs where needed input of e.g circa £70k as was only 22 at the time.


- Challenge is consistently being able to go again project after project while working full time. As you find yourself busy in a corporate job on a daily basis but also the fact a proportion of money has to be left in a deal. E.g if the inout was £70,000 then maybe only £45/£50k was refinanced. I was in a good paid job but not triple figures meaning it still took time for the money left in to be remade so I could go again.

- Scaling projects up from simple refurbs to heavy refurbs to developments

- CV being key when looking to delve into larger developments so don’t be scared to work for free (advice to newbies)

- Jumping into a rebuild as the first heavy refurb project

- Sustaining a full time Investment management company to replace corporate income