Tej Talks: Being Better

The new brand will focus on key areas of human improvement, featuring guests from each area and providing a wholesome approach to self development. This is about being present, having a philosophy of life, making better choices and looking after your health. We will also be talking about business, investing and finances, this ensures all angles are covered and we reach a larger audience.
Open, honest and balanced discussions are what I'm aiming to create with the same humour, spice and directness that Tej Talks is renowned for. I will not allow guests on who are not 100% honest, don't talk about the negatives or are not authentic on Social Media. It's important to have differing opinions on the show and provide new perspectives to the listener.
I want people to listen, watch and engage with the brand in a positive way, and to always be learning from my content and using it to better themselves. It's important to highlight the balance between wanting more, being more yet staying content and grateful for what we have. This is a key point that will be talked about in every episode.

I've reached 900,000 downloads in over 120 countries so far, I've built a £1,300,000 property portfolio from £0, using £850,000 of private investor finance. After 4 years, lots of successful mentees and education delivered, my brand has changed. P.S I still mentor and educate in property, book a call - tejsingh.xyz

I want to Be Better, and I can't do it alone.
Will you join me?