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80: Ron Purser - Discussing The Origins of Mindfulness

Ep. 80

Mindfulness has become such a huge part of the world we live in and has integrated into mainstream culture. There are a vast number of traditional and spiritual practices that date back hundreds of years and span across cultures far outside of what we’re exposed to in the West and it’s important we educate ourselves on the origin of these methods. 

Today, I’m joined by thought leader and established teacher, Ron Purser. Ron is a Professor of Management at San Francisco State University, and Published Author of the best selling book, ‘McMindfulness’. He shares a unique perspective, having integrated traditional Buddhist practices into his life, he does a brilliant job of challenging the ideals that are emphasized through modern mindfulness tools. 

To hear more insights from Ron Purser and learn more about his personal approach to this topic, tune in to Episode 80 of Technology for Mindfulness!

Some of the questions I ask:

  • Could you talk about your personal background with mindfulness? (4:08)
  • What are your concerns now that mindfulness is such a mainstream ideology? (9:17)
  • What does mindfulness mean for you in a broader sense and in relation to traditional Buddhist teachings? (14:41)
  • Could you elaborate on how you believe mindfulness apps are being used as overtly solitary experiences (30:22)
  • From your experience, what is mindfulness other than a self-help technique? (37:10)
  • Would you agree that a lot of self-help apps are too introductory and don’t cover mindfulness in a broader sense? (40:19)
  • What would you recommend to those wanting to learn more about mindfulness? (43:09)

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The history of Martial Arts and Shotokan Karate (1:20)
  • How Buddhism has become synonymous with mindfulness (7:44)
  • How mindfulness ideologies have become part of the mainstream and integrated into Western culture (18:40)
  • The commoditization behind mindfulness in corporate environments (23:44)
  • A brief excerpt from ‘McMindfulness’ - How the US Army have militarized the clinical application of mindfulness (27:24)
  • The privatization of stress and the connection that has to our bodies (33:16)
  • The political ideologies and connotations behind fanatic mindfulness (35:23)

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86: Dr. Jeff Gusky - Staying Mindfully Informed in the Midst of Crisis

Ep. 86
How we perceive information is majorly affected in the midst of a crisis. It impacts our ability to process news in a rational way and our response is often heavily influenced by our emotions. This makes us vulnerable to false and harmful information that sways public opinion and leads people to make uninformed decisions regarding such serious issues.Learning to be mindfully aware of what is happening around us is a skill that takes time to master so obtaining the facts has never been more important. Joining me on the podcast today to discuss the science behind Covid-19 and share his tips on how we can safely control the spread, is world-renowned ‘National Geographic’ photographer and board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Jeff Gusky!In this episode, Jeff shares his insights into how humidity has played a key role in the increase of Coronavirus cases globally, how each individual immune system in our body functions, and the truth about herd immunity.To learn more, tune in to Episode 86 of Technology for Mindfulness!Some Questions I Ask:Could you talk about the work you do surrounding Covid-19? (6:42)What does aerosol refer to? (17:25)What can people be doing to quell their anxieties at the moment? (36:20)What You’ll Learn:Why mindfulness helps us absorb information calmly and objectively (3:19)How the pandemic has affected each sector of the world (9:57)Jeff’s breakdown on each of the immune systems that function in our body (11:19)The difference between the aerosol and microdroplet model (14:03)How humidity plays a key role in controlling the spread of the Coronavirus (18:37)Why Vitamin D mitigates long term complications with Covid-19 (22:11)Dr. Jeff’s two tips for controlling the temperature in your environment (26:19)The effect humidity has had on our air quality (28:35)A glimpse into how humidity contributed to the Coronavirus outbreak in Paris (32:14)How crisis affects our perception & Why it’s important to stay properly informed (39:22)Connect With Robert Plotkin:Technology For Mindfulness WebsiteBlueshift IP WebsiteLinkedInConnect With Dr. Jeff Gusky:WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedInResources:Website: ‘CDC’ - Coronavirus InformationWebsite: ‘ZRT Laboratory’Profile: Jeffrey ShamanThe Viral Safety Index.The humidifier Jeff is using.