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Priscillia Ludosky "Occupying Reality"

Ep. 154

Playing for Team Human today, activist and a Founder of the Yellow Vest Movement, Priscillia Ludosky

Ludosky will be showing us how a movement uniting the agendas of the people transcends the sensibilities of both the left and the right. How can solidarity serve as the ground for sustainable social change? How can an environmental movement weigh the concerns of the environment with the economic needs of the working class? How did the Yellow Vest Movement plan and organize their actions?

On Real People Doing Real Things, Timothy "Paule" Jackson, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Detroit Hives, discusses how he’s creating an inner-city bee farm that is inclusive for the community and the pollinators.

You can learn more about Jackson's work at Detroit Hives by clicking here:

You can read the written version of Rushkoff’s monologue on Medium:

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