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Chris Dancy "I Put Myself In Airplane Mode"

Ep. 98

Playing for Team Human today, “The Most Connected Man on Earth," author of Don’t Unplug: How Technology Saved My Life and Can Save Yours, Chris Dancy.

Dancy has “pushed through” personal surveillance technology and has come back to teach us the lessons he has learned from years of intense firsthand engagement as a “mindful cyborg.”

In this episode, perhaps the most candid and open conversation on Team Human to date, Dancy shares his personal story. He explains how technology saved his life, not by shielding him from nature and the body, but by amplifying the natural cycles with which he had lost touch.

And while Chris’s journey offers both hope and wisdom, we also learn why sometimes you just need to place yourself in “Airplane Mode.”

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In this episode, Dancy and Rushkoff mention inspiration from Team Human Episode 58 guest Amber Case, author of Calm Technology.

Douglas opens with a monologue on the power of true interactivity and feedback. 

This show features intro music sampled from Fugazi’s "Foreman’s Dog" courtesy of Dischord Records. Musical interludes include new, unreleased music from Herkimer Diamonds courtesy of Majestic Litter: also heard a sampled loop from Episode 31 guest and Mondo 2000 creator, R.U. Sirius and a Team Human original in the outro credits by Stephen Bartolomei.

A special thank you to Luke Robert Mason for recording this interview on location at Civic Hall and taking the photographs featured with this episode.

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