Team Human


Parker Posey "It's the Screens That Got Small."

Ep. 97

Playing for Team Human today, actress, movie star, visionary of the human-centered future, and — perhaps most importantly - Gracie the Wonderdog’s human partner, Parker Posey.

Parker will be sharing what it’s like to play a supposedly evil character like Doctor Smith on the Netflix series Lost in Space, as well as some of the experiences, insight, and love of life that went into her definitively fabulous new book - You’re On An Airplane.

Today’s show comes to you, ALIVE, from the headquarters of the inspiring charity Gods Love We Deliver in the otherwise too-expensive-for-actual-human-residents island of Manhattan in New York City.

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Our intro music comes thanks to Discord Records and Fugazi. Mid way through the show you heard a sample from Episode 31 guest and Mondo 2000 creator, R.U. Sirius. This show ends with music from the mighty Mike Watt.

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