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Molly Sauter "Stupid Smart Cities"

Ep. 85

Playing for Team Human today is technology and society researcher Molly Sauter. Molly will be helping us see how stupid some “smart city” visions really are. Molly and Douglas discuss the extractive, “mining ethos” of the tech investment swarm, and how this mentality does harm to communities from Silicon Valley to Toronto, Canada. Is your city the next VC Guinea pig in the technocratic experiment to grow cities and extract their value?

Check out Molly’s fantastic book on another type of “swarm”: The Coming Swarm: DDOS Actions, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience on the Internet

Plus their most recent writing referenced on today’s show: 

Why is Anyone Listening to Tim O”Reilly? 

And Google’s Guinea-Pig City 

Support Molly’s work at Patreon:

Douglas opens the show with a monologue on the perils of futurist thinking and its inherent linear conception of progress. Is it time to retrieve a circular, more presentist understanding of the world? 

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