Team Human


Suzanne Slomin "Feeding A Living Culture"

Ep. 79

Playing for Team Human today is Suzanne Slomin, founder of Green Rabbit a small solar powered bakery located in the Mad River Valley of Vermont specializing in naturally leavened breads. 

Suzanne will share with us what it’s like being a “Real Person Doing Real Things” – an actual baker, farmer, employer and global citizen trying to operate as sustainably and humanly as possible across all the dimensions of her work. 

In this episode, we meet Suzanne having just “fed” her sourdough starter, a living culture of yeast and bacteria that is the essential element for her delicious and healthful breads. Instantly, the conversation is grounded to the hands-on daily work that makes Green Rabbit so special. Is it possible for the small farmer and local baker to maintain integrity and stewardship of the community in an increasingly extractive economy? Find out how Suzanne does it...

Plus, in stark contrast to "Real People Doing Real Things," Rushkoff opens the show with a monologue on the idealism of bitcoin. Are cryptocurrencies soon to be just another instrument of the financial services industry?

This show features music thanks to Fugazi and Dischord Records as well as a sample of Throbbing Gristle by TH 68 guest Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

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Thanks to teammate and listener Bobby Campbell for his amazing Team Human trading cards.

Images of Green Rabbit come courtesy of Suzanne Slomin.

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