Team Human


Eleanor Saitta "Is It Safe?"

Ep. 73

Playing for Team Human today, cyber security expert Eleanor Saitta. Eleanor shares her deep knowledge on building secure and robust digital ecosystems. As Eleanor and Douglas converse on issues of privacy, encryption, and surveillance, a set of thought-provoking insights about online identity and human to human connection emerges. Does empathy scale across our cyber connections? Or is it confusion and distrust that are most apt to scale? 

Conversing over a shaky and intermittent VoIP connection, the question at hand seems to materialize within the interview. Luckily Saitta and Rushkoff overcome technical hurdles and find rapport and connection in a unique conversation that ultimately asks;

What is real? How do I know I am me? Is it safe? 

Opening today’s episode, Douglas looks back on the life of friend, cyber culture pioneer, and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation John Perry Barlow. Rushkoff remembers Barlow and their shared optimism for cyberspace back in that hopeful moment before the commercialization and corporatization of the internet. 

Team Human features intro an outro music clips thanks to Fugazi and Dischord Records. Mid-show you heard music by Episode 68 guest Stacco Troncoso 

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