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Ep. 128 Brewster Kahle "The Library of Everything"

Ep. 128

Playing for Team Human today, founder of the Internet Archive, Brewster Kahle. Kahle is keeping the dream of building a decentralized, open, mind-expanding internet alive. In this Team Human conversation, Brewster and Douglas discuss the faulty dot-com business models and incentives that derailed the net. They look at the mountains of Twentieth Century culture in danger of being lost from the archive. In a historical moment when we feel exploited and distrustful of so much media, Internet Archive presents a refuge for deeper searches, research, and exploration.


The Internet Archive’s associated projects including the Wayback Machine,, the Great 78 Project and all play a significant role in making sure the internet remains a home for culture and sharing. But don’t take our word for it. Jump in! Dig though the stacks at Borrow a book at OpenLibrary. Upload your band’s demo or search your original website on the Wayback Machine.


This episode ends with clips from the Prelinger Archive, including video produced for the World’s Fair by Westinghouse and a Civil Defense film teaching students to “duck and cover” in the age of atomic weapons.


Douglas opens today’s show with an exploration of Operation Mindfuck. Was Operation Mindfuck too successful? Has consensus reality disappeared all too completely so that we are left with nothing real, no true grounding at all? Check out Douglas’s regular column on Medium, featuring expanded versions of the monologues you hear each week opening the show.


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On this episode you heard Fugazi’s “Foreman’s Dog” in the intro thanks to the kindness of the band and Dischord Records. Mid-show you heard R.U. Sirius’s President Mussolini Makes the Planes Run On Time as well as transition music thanks to Herkimer Diamonds.

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