Team Human


Ep. 32 Laszlo Karafiath PhD "Meme Wars"

Playing for Team Human today, memeticist and social change agent Laszlo Karafiath Ph.D.

Laszlo, memetic engineer for Culture 2, shares his analysis of the weaponized media now paralyzing so much of our thought, and tells us what we have to do - collectively - to build our immunity to thought viruses. Together Karafiath and Rushkoff look at the ways we might redeploy memetic power to foster positive social change.

You can learn more about Karafiath's work at or follow him on twitter.

Also on today's show - Rushkoff on avoiding the rabbit holes of speculation and distraction in the context of war and the volatile Trump administration. How might we get back to the work of rebuilding society rather than being pulled deeper into the sensationalized narratives unfolding on our screens?

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