Team Human


Ep. 25 Danne Woo "Visualizing Reality"

Playing for Team Human today is data-visualization humanist Danne Woo. Woo is going to share with us how he uses data to provoke critical thinking, humor, and even human connection with his creative design. Woo is the creator of Data Visual  a user-friendly web-based design interface that empowers individuals to create their own shareable data-driven graphics. We'll learn why the Trump presidency has inspired Woo to design "a chart a day" and to "make tweets trump again". is where you can find a link to Woo’s work. Check out the politically inspired projects like “Make Tweets Trump Again” and Woo’s Chrome extension “Don’t Support Trump Supporters” driven by data from the #grabyourwallet campaign. Woo’s site also features creative works including Woo’s large format multiplayer game Splat! and his generative font project,Type Galapagos, plus the fantastically quirky music projects AC Symphony and Light Hum.

Design your own data visualizations using Woo’s web-based data design toolkit, Data Visual which can be found at  There’s a free version there too, so anyone can get started creating unique data-driven graphics. Check out the Data Visual Twitter feed @datavisualinfo or Instagram @datavisualcharts for a stream of daily charts and data designs. 

In today’s opening monologue, Rushkoff considers the challenge of reclaiming coherency and a path forward. 

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