Team SoBots Talks Science

Understanding how we perceive and interact with others is a core challenge of social cognition research. This challenge is poised to intensify in importance as the ubiquity of artificial intelligence and the presence of humanoid robots in society grows. By innovatively combining psychology, neuroscience and robotics, the SOCIAL ROBOTS project helps prepare us for this future by:

  1.  establishing a new approach for understanding how the human brain processes and responds to interactive robots;
  2.  delineating the factors influencing how representations of robots and humans are shared at brain and behavioural levels; and
  3.  exploring how these findings inform the now-rapid development of social robots.

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Who is Team SoBots?

Many members of Team SoBots can be found online: Prof. Emily S. Cross, Bishakha Chaudhury, Dr. Ruud Hortensius, Dr. Maki Rooksby, Dr. Kohinoor Darda, Guy Laban, Anna Henschel, Katie Riddoch, Te-Yi Hsieh, Laura Jastrzab, Rebecca Smith, Henry Powell, & Michaela Kent.

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