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Social and Emotional Learning

Season 1, Ep. 7


Mike Kaechele and Taylor Darwin join John and Dave on the Teaching Like Ted Lasso Podcast to discuss Social and Emotional Learning: in the show and in education.


Show Notes for Episode 7 on SEL

IMBD “Inverting the Pyramid of Success” episode: 

Article on Simone Biles: 

Ted Lasso cast sit down with President and First Lady Tweet: 

How social-emotional learning became a frontline in the battle against CRT: 

IMBD “Smells Like Mean Spirit” episode: 

Vygotsky and the Three Bears: 

IMBD “Biscuits” episode: 

Mike Kaechele on Twitter: @MikeKaechele

Mike’s website:

On a Scale of… 

Sheep scale: 

CASEL website: 

Responsible Decision-Making: 

Pulse of PBL book: 

Building Thinking Classrooms: 

Taylor Dawson on Twitter: @TaylorKDawson

GVSU Study Abroad in Tanzania: 

Dana Center – Social Emotional Learning and Mathematics: 

Integrating Social and Emotional Learning and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: 

Corequisite Supports: 

Dr. David Yeager on Social and Emotional Learning (video): 

GVSU Study Abroad in Tanzania: 

Joshua Davis Music:

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  • 2. Bonus Episode on Assembling Diamond Dogs

    DescriptionDr. Marnie Stockman and Nick Coniglio, co-authors of Lead it Like Lasso and co-hosts of the Lens of Leadership podcast, join Teaching Like Ted Lasso to play a game involving helping teams made up of Ted Lasso characters find success.Video: Show Notes for Season 2 Episode 2 on Assembling Diamond DogsLead it Like Lasso (website): Butter and Biscuits episode: The Teachers’ Pep Rally episode:: Lens on Leadership [LoL] podcast: Lucy poster: Ted Lasso Team on the Greatest Ensembles of All Time [video]: New York Islanders article: Caesar’s Your Show of Shows: Leadership episode: 1980 USA Men’s HockeyTeam: Dog Draft episode [LoL]: Liljedahl article: Ted Lasso classroom teams: Think Again by Adam Grant: Wooden’s Pyramid of Success: Ted Lasso characters’ scores on the Pyramid of Success [LoL]: TLTL Complex Instruction episode: Let Them Lead by John U. Bacon: Math Adventures: Davis Music:
  • 1. Bonus Episode on Leadership

    DescriptionJason Rogers and Garth Nichols of Lassoing Leadership join the Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast to play a game involving Ted Lasso and leadership.Video: Notes for Season 2 Episode 1 on LeadershipLassoing Leadership: College: Studio: College: https://www.havergal.on.caCanadian Accredited Independent Schools Art of Leadership Awards: Lasso Team on the Greatest Ensembles of All Time [video]: Music Hall: Sad Captains [music video]: Clark’s LinkedIn page: IMDB: of Michigan Football – 2023 National Champions: image of Coach Jim Harbaugh looking like Bruno from Encanto was made using of M Fab Five Reunite [2024 article]: Time Out [2017 article]: 2 Episode 2, Lavender (IMDB): 2 Episode 8, Man City (IMDB): 3 Episode 12, So Long, Farewell (IMDB):’ Compass: https://innovatorscompass.orgJoshua Davis Music:
  • 20. Planning with Kathy Coffey

    DescriptionThe Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast comes full circle as Kathy Coffey joins us once again to discuss play and planning, with a focus on the book she wrote with Dave, Designing Math Adventures.Video: Notes for Episode 20 on Planning with Kathy CoffeyMath in Action: in Action presentation resources: conference: Conference: https://mctm.wildapricot.orgDesigning Math Adventures ebook: of Dave’s blog posts on the Teaching and Learning Cycle: of John’s blog posts on problem solving: design thinking mindsets: by Design: episode [IMDB]: by Dr. Ilana Horn: Nows and Exit Tickets” Dream-keepers: Thinking Classrooms: https://buildingthinkingclassrooms.comSmarter together:!-Collaboration-and-Equity-in-the-Elementary-Math-Classroom/One Sentence Lesson Plan: Sinek: Laib’s keynotes: Butler on Four Sevens podcast: Davis Music:
  • 19. Planning with Kassia Wedekind

    DescriptionKassia Wedekind joins the Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast to discuss planning, with a focus on planning lessons that supports small groups and whole class discussions.Video: Notes for Episode 19 on Planning with Kassia WedekindThat Workshop Book: Down, Speak Out by Kassia Omohundro Wedekind and Christy Hermann Thompson: Exchanges: https://mathexchanges.wordpress.comKassia at 2017 ShadowCon:’s blog post on the math party inspired by a Kassia presentation: Word Problems: https://numberlesswp.comThe Vital Role of Joy for Educators: together:!-Collaboration-and-Equity-in-the-Elementary-Math-Classroom/How High-achieving Countries Develop Great Teachers: Davis Music:
  • 18. Planning with Geoff Krall

    DescriptionGeoff Krall joins the Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast to discuss planning, with a focus on planning lessons that build academic identities.Video: Notes for Episode 18 on Planning with Geoff KrallNecessary Conditions:’s Website: https://emergentmath.comTed Lasso dart scene from season one: IMDB: I Kick It? by A Tribe Called Quest: Publishing: Zager on Twitter: by Dr. Ilana Horn: a Student Challenge: Down, Speak Out by Kassia Omohundro Wedekind and Christy Hermann Thompson: Thinking Classrooms: https://buildingthinkingclassrooms.comTeacher-Designed Mathematical Portfolio Assessments: Motivations, Potential Benefits, and Lessons Learned: Math Portfolios – A How to: Davis Music:
  • 17. Planning with Cris Tovani

    DescriptionCris Tovani joins the Teaching Like Ted Lasso Podcast to discuss the keys to planning lesson that support learning.Video: Notes for Episode 17 on Planning with Cris TovaniDo I Really Have to Teach Reading?: Workshop Book: Learning: https://eleducation.orgCatch and Release Workshop: Wiggin’s cross-country story: math anxiety in the classroom (Math Teacher Lounge podcast):é Brown on Day 2 [aka the messy middle] (Unlocking Us podcast) More Telling as Teaching: Do I Have to Read This?: with the 4 T’s (Expeditionary Learning blog post): Sinek’s Ted Talk on starting with why: the One Sentence Lesson Plan (blog): Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness (TED Talk): Davis Music:
  • 16. Planning Part 1

    DescriptionIn this episode, Dave and John discuss planning, in Ted Lasso and in education, by focusing on a single episode – Season 3, Episode 7: The Strings that Bind Us.Video: Notes for Episode 16 on PlanningSeason 3 Episode 7, The Strings that Bind Us (IMDB): Lamott at Calvin College: story behind Bird by Bird: Kane’s substack: Oslund Episode on Teamwork: Algebra Project: Hattie’s Visible Learning: https://visible-learning.orgNicora Placa Episode on Coaching: Squares Activity: Circles Activity: Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt on Unlocking Us: documentary: Wisdom: Davis Music:
  • January Teaser

    Checking in with our audience before releasing our last series of episodes around our final theme.
  • 15. Mentoring Special with Dr. James Sellmann

    DescriptionIn this special episode, Dr. James Sellmann joins Dave on the Teaching Like Ted Lasso Podcast to discuss mentoring first year, first generation college students.Video: Notes for Episode 14 on MentoringCoaching episode Part 1: Olson episode: episode Part 2: of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Dean’s Office at the University of Guam: Confucianisms: Marcin Jacoby: Chunqiu: 451: Companions to Chinese Philosophy: Theory of Justice: Cartoon: Students: How to make office hours less scary: 2 Episode 2, Lavender (IMDB): Broadbent’s website for What would Ted Lasso do? https://www.lucybroadbent.netMan’s Search for Meaning: Sudeikis interview: for Growth: Davis Music: