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Taxing Matters

Tax fraud: The rise of the professional enabler

Season 1, Ep. 22

In this episode, we are joined by Simon York, Director of HMRC's Fraud Investigation Service (FIS). Created only five years ago, FIS has already secured 3,700 criminal convictions for serious fraud and protected over £25 billion in assets.

By exploiting the latest developments in virtual currencies, encrypted communications and financial systems, tax fraud is becoming increasingly complex. Simon talks to Taxing Matters about some of the key trends and how they are shaping FIS' strategic focus for the future.

In particular, Simon discusses how advice and assistance from professional enablers is becoming an increasingly vital element of tax fraud – and how FIS plan to counter it.

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  • 14. A whistle-stop tour of the taxation of international sports and rock stars with Patrick Way KC

    In this episode, RPC's Taxing Matters Host and Senior Associate in RPC's Tax Disputes team, Alexis Armitage, will be discussing the taxation of international sports and rock stars with leading silk, Patrick Way KC. Patrick is one of the founders of Field Court Tax Chambers. He has successfully represented clients at all levels of the UK court system and has acted for both taxpayers and HMRC. In this episode, the following will be discussed:How HMRC treat payments when musicians sell their rights in respect of recordings and publishing rightsHow the worldwide sponsorship income and other worldwide income of musicians and sportspersons are taxed in the UK when they play at concerts or appear at sporting events in the UKIR35 – an update on where we are after the Kaye Adams / Atholl House caseThe latest position of HMRC in relation to image rights contracts; and a brief discussion on the taxation of agents' fees (a further podcast will follow from our very own Michelle Sloane on this topic in April – watch this space!).
  • 13. Exploring the World of AI with Olivia Dhein

    In this episode we discuss the hot topic of artificial intelligence. We will consider what is AI, what is a large language model and how does it work, what can AI do and not do at the moment as well as some of the potential effects AI might have in the tax world. We also take a look at the recent Tax Tribunal decision in Harber v HMRC [2023] UKFTT 1007 (TC), in which false case law was generated by AI and innocently relied upon by the taxpayer and how the Tribunal dealt with this. We are delighted to be joined by our very own expert Olivia Dhein. Olivia is a Knowledge Lawyer at RPC. Prior to joining RPC Olivia was a Professional Support Lawyer at Lexis Nexis and before that she was a commercial disputes lawyer at Freshfields. Olivia is an expert in this dynamic and rapidly changing area.  
  • 12. Tackling "Tax avoidance" this Christmas season with Sam Brodsky

    As the cost of living crisis bites more than ever this year, in this special Christmas episode of RPC's Taxing Matters, we bring you some Christmas cheer by way of a light-hearted discussion of some of the potential ways you may be able to reduce your tax bill. In addition, we'll also have a quick look at Santa's tax position in the run up to Christmas and whether he might be guilty of tax avoidance … or even tax evasion! We are delighted to be joined by guest speaker Sam Brodsky. Sam is a barrister at Gray's Inn Tax Chambers and has a busy practice covering the full range of UK tax, commercial and chancery law. He is regularly instructed in the High Court and the Tax Tribunals both as lead and a specialist tax and/or property junior and most importantly, he has a great sense of humour. 
  • 11. A Day in the life of a tax adviser with Jeremy Johnson

    In this episode of Taxing Matters, we are joined by Jeremy Johnson, managing director of inTAX Limited.  Jeremy helps clients to manage and resolve HMRC enquiries, and disclosures. Prior to joining inTAX six years ago, Jeremy worked in the tax disputes and investigations team at PwC and Grant Thornton, and before that was an inspector of taxes at HMRC. 
  • 10. Why now is the right time to get to grips with your money with Ruth Handcock and Ali Poulton

    In this episode of Taxing Matters, we discuss the hot topic of financial health, wellbeing and confidence. We are currently experiencing a challenging economic climate and any guidance on this important topic is very welcome.  To talk us through this subject and provide some practical guidance we are delighted to be joined by Ruth Handock, who is the CEO of Octopus Money, and Ali Poulton, who is a practising financial coach and who now works as a head coach, training and mentoring other coaches across the Octopus Money team. 
  • 9. Sanctions Spotlight Session with Alice Kemp

    In this episode of Taxing Matters, we are handing over the podcast baton and introducing our new host Alexis Armitage, who is a Senior Associate in RPC's Tax Disputes Team. We couldn’t think of any better way to say our final goodbyes to the fabulous Alice other than by putting her in the hot seat to discuss the topic of the moment, sanctions.  Alice  is an employed barrister at RPC who specialises in sanctions and fraud investigations and litigation conducted by the various UK regulatory bodies.   She has advised financial institutions, corporates and charities on the sanctions impacts of transactions particularly those involving the complex sectoral and trade sanctions regimes, advised on the application of export control provisions to international trade and assisted with queries around listing and delisting of individuals under the UK, EU and UN sanctions regimes.
  • 8. Let's talk VAT security notices with Joshua Carey

    One of the things that becomes clear over the course of one's career is that enforcement trends are important for businesses to be aware of. It is important to notice, not just the macro trends like sanctions compliance and fraud enforcement, but also smaller trends; campaigns against particular tax risks and the relegation of certain information gathering powers to relative obscurity. In this episode of Taxing Matters, we discuss the rise in one of the smaller trends, the resurgence of the use of the VAT security provisions. These provisions aren't new, but they are experiencing an upswing and can have far reaching consequences for businesses, and a number of traps for the unwary.  Joining us is Joshua Carey, an expert tax barrister at recognised repository of tax excellence, Devereux Chambers. Josh, who was recently named a Rising Star by legal directory, the Legal 500, specialises in tax, public and judicial review, commercial litigation, civil and criminal fraud, and business crime - and did we mention tax?  Josh gives us his top tips for making sure you know what to do – and not do – if you're faced with a VAT security notice. 
  • 7. The power of language when talking about tax with Kirstie Skates

    Have you ever wondered about the language we use when we talk about tax? And does that language influence or betray how we feel about tax as individuals or as a society? It turns out it is a hot topic of discussion.  In this episode of Taxing Matters, we are delighted to be joined by Kirstie Skates, founder of “Illume Linguistics”. Illume Linguistics are a team of linguistics experts who specialise in using techniques from language science to analyse organisational customer and community discourse. Their focus is on identifying the underlying assumptions and gaps in understanding that get in the way of effective communication between organisations and the people they want to connect with.  Kirstie has worked in the field of organisational and individual behaviour change for over 20 years and has always been fascinated by the power of language to reveal people's beliefs about themselves, others, and the world around them.  We discuss, in this episode of Taxing Matters, Kirstie's recent research paper - published in December last year - on the fascinating topic of how tax is framed by the private client industry and linguistic analysis which was commissioned by the “Good Ancestor Movement”. ReferencesDecember 2022 Report by Kirstie Skates- How is tax framed by the private client industry? Good Ancestor Movement who commissioned the work 
  • 6. Wealth Tax & Wealth Inequality with Dr Ben Tippet

    As questions of economic resource allocation push to the forefront of the national consciousness there has been a rise in the number of people calling for either new taxes or wholesale tax reform. This has been mirrored by the increase in lobby groups such as Patriotic Millionaires UK a lobby group of high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals who feel that they should be doing more. There are also a number of groups who are calling for a lower upper tax bracket in order to stimulate the economy. In this episode of Taxing Matters, we discuss wealth tax and whether such a tax should be introduced? We are delighted to be joined by Dr Ben Tippet. Ben is a lecturer in economics based at the Institute of Political Economy Governance, Finance and Accountability at the University of Greenwich and author of the thought provoking book 'Split Class Divides Uncovered'. Ben’s research focuses on pertinent questions around wealth inequality, housing, debt and political economy. He has been published in the Guardian, Opened Democracy and the BBC World Service.ReferencesRevenue potential of UK wealth taxImpact of wealth tax on investment