Taxing Matters


Taxing Matters: Predicting the tax world of the future

Season 1, Ep. 7

Welcome to our Taxing Matters podcast. In this series we review land-mark cases and key tax principles and discuss the commercial impact they could have on your business.

In this episode, we ask Andrew Hubbard, Editor-in-chief of Tolley's Taxation Magazine, to gaze into his crystal ball and predict the direction of travel for the UK's tax system.

In discussing recent trends, his musings on future developments include:

1.      the possibility of real time tax administration in the digital world;

2.      whether the balance of power has swung in favour of the State; and

3.      why the Revenue may now have greater confidence to take on bigger projects.

Please see our website for a transcript of this episode. All information is correct at the time of recording. Taxing Matter is not a substitute for legal advice.

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As ever, a huge thank you to our miracle working producer, Mary Mitchell, and Josh McDonald, the man who solves all problems before they arise.

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